Apple October 2016 Event Unveils New MacBook Pro, TV App and More

In the Apple October 2016 event, organized on 27th of the month at the company headquarters in Cupertino, California, a range of new and exciting offerings were unveiled. Tim Cook took the stage, ceremoniously, in the event revealing what the company is working on. The keynote mainly focused on the Mac and how the company perceives the future of TV. The event also highlighted the positive reviews of the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 and the efforts to make Apple technology accessible to all. If you are wondering what exactly the tech giant brought to the stage this time, read on to know more.


MacBook Pro Update

Marking the 25th anniversary of the original PowerBook, this week formed the best time to update the MacBook Pro. In the new version, the function keys are replaced with a OLED touch strip, which the company calls Touch Bar. The new version is 14-17 percent thinner than the previous Retina MacBook Pro and is about half pound lighter. Available in 13-inch and 15-inch models, the new MacBook Pro features silver or space gray colors. There is also an updated second-generation butterfly switch and the Force Touch trackpad. The 15-inch model also features a quad-core Core i7 processor, AMD Radeon Pro graphics with up to 4GB of video memory, and up to 16 GB of RAM. In the 13-inch version there are either Core i5 or i7 processors and an Intel Iris GPU.


Function Keys Replaced with Touch Bar

The Touch Bar was indeed the showstopper of the event. The function keys on the keyboard have been replaced by the retina display bar which responds to touch and gestures. Another interesting feature is that it changes with software. For instance, if the user is working in a web browser, the Touch Bar will show bookmarks, option to add new tabs, navigate to a new website or to move between tabs. In case of photos, the editing control pops up. It seems that the Touch Bar presents an alternative to touchscreen.


Touch ID Integration

Next to the Touch Bar, a Touch ID has been integrated, which is built right into the power button. It is equipped with the same faster second-gen Touch ID sensor used in iPhone 6S / 7 and also includes a new T1 chip with a local secure enclave for Apple Pay security. In multi-user machines, Touch ID works excellently to switch between accounts just with a simple tapping of the button.


Professional App Updates

Apple also announced updates for a number of professional applications for the MacBook Pros. The new Final Cut Pro supports Touch Bar and also shows an interactive view of the video timeline even when the video is playing full screen. It also shows contextual controls for audio sliders. Similar kind of Touch Bar has also been integrated with Adobe Photoshop, and DJ Pro. Other apps with announced support are DaVinci Resolve, Microsoft Office, Pixelmator and Sketch.


LG Display

Especially for the new Macbook Pro, LG has built a 5K display which has been called the “ultimate docking station” by the Apple executive Phil Schiller, as it can display from the laptop simultaneously while charging it. Not too much of details about its display was revealed but it was mentioned that one Macbook Pro can support two of them.


No Updates for MacBook Air

The company also announced that the MacBook Air line hasn’t got any update and suggested the users to go for the new entry-level variant of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, lacking Touch Bar. However, the good news for MacBook Air lovers is that the 13-inch Pro is thinner and smaller than the older MacBook Air. The MacBook Air will be in the market as a budget option.


New Apple TV App

The company presented its newest Apple TV, marketing it as a media and gaming device that needs to be at the center of living rooms. The device can run apps and more than 2000 games. A new TV app has also been announced which uses a single sign on method for signing in automatically into new applications which are added to the device. The TV app is also available for iPad and iPhone, allowing you to access the same content with same authentication across all devices. The users can have the TV app in a free update, later this year. Apple is also helping the viewers to watch live TV using Siri voice navigation. Users can tell Siri to switch to a sports channel or any other channel they wish to see. Now, they can find easily whatever they want to watch, without fidgeting through apps.


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