Citizen Services Platform

Project Overview

“IIT Roorkee” and its city “Roorkee” have grown together throughout these years, contributing to each other’s success. As a gesture of gratitude, IIT Roorkee wanted to launch a Citizen Service Platform for citizens of Roorkee.

The main objective of the platform is to connect Roorkee residents, who want instant access to high-quality Health Care, Transportation, Household, Emergency, and Education, with the businesses offering these services.

Business requirements:

  • A platform that allows residents and service providers to sign up easily.
  • A very simple and easy to use platform offering Hindi and English language interface for Roorkee citizens.
  • Creating an ecosystem that can connect residents and service providers easily.
  • Services like health care, transportation, household, emergency and education can be accessed instantly through high-quality businesses.
  • Provide residents with an easy way to find businesses that offer the services they require.
  • The platform allows users to book services such as doctor appointments and cabs from anywhere within Roorkee.
  • The platform facilitates the connection between residents and trained and verified service providers, including professionals, in one place.
  • The admin panel that has the possibility to add or edit services categories, residents and service providers etc.
  • Platforms that allow residents to register with very basic details (such as name and mobile phone number).
  • The platform where service providers can register and list their services.

The Solution

The platform has five main areas- Health Care, Transportation, Household, Emergency, and Education.

  • Health Care: This area provides services that are related to health. Residents of Roorkee will be able to book and cancel online appointments with doctors.
  • Transportation: This area provides two services- E-rickshaw for local travel and taxi service for local and inter-city travel.
  • Households: This area provides services from other service providers such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and fruit or vegetable vendors.
  • Emergency: This area has a quick call button to contact firefighters, ambulance, or police and several contact numbers with the possibility to call any of them.
  • Education: This area provides services of educational classes like yoga, music, sports, etc.

E2logy’s team of solution experts thoroughly understood the requirements and designed a fully scalable, completely modular platform.

  • Signups were allowed using phone numbers. Users will be able to receive an OTP on their mobile number which they need to provide for sign-in.
  • User Profiles for both residents and service providers can be created. Residents and service providers can update their information with all the details that are required.
  • Interface Language will be shown in the Hindi Language by-default. The users should be able to change the language from their profile.
  • Service Provider list can be viewed by the residents. Depending on the category selected, residents can see basic information about service providers and their services.
  • Bookings will display information about their upcoming bookings such as service provider specialty, date and time of appointments, and Time-Slot.
  • Map will show the live locations of the service providers; if live location is not enabled then their location should be shown based on their address.
  • Emergency Services such as police, ambulance, and firefighter can be viewed by the residents with their contact information.
  • Virtual tour can be viewed by residents by selecting a landmark. They will be able to view a virtual tour of the IIT Roorkee campus.
  • Grievance can be lodged under a grievance category by users. An email will be sent to the appropriate department with details of the grievance.
  • A review option will be available for residents to write a review for service providers.

The Result

E2logy delivered a solution for the client that provided the users with a highly user-friendly application with amazing service. As a whole, the processes that were implemented were quite successful, both during development as well as during design.

  • The platform that provide residents of Roorkee with immediate access to affordable and reliable services.
  • Customers will have a seamless booking experience on the platform because it allows them to book services instantly and securely.
  • Also, the platform will enhance the lives of the residents living in those neighborhoods by bringing the communities together.

So, all in all, it is a complete end-to-end solution for customers who want instant access to high-quality Health Care, Transportation, Household, Emergency, and Education services without any trouble.

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