Hotel Booking Platform


Our client is one of the largest hotel tourism management companies in the world. Their business is providing a hospitality, retail, and education company. The are running hotels, restaurants at various places for tourists, furthermore providing transport facilities. In addition, the are also engaged in production, distribution and sale of tourist publicity literature and providing entertainment and duty free shopping facilities to tourists.

They were looking for a content management system and a hotel booking system to manage the information and bookings regarding their hotels and other events that they are managing. The client’s idea was to facilitate a hotel booking system where users can search for and book hotel rooms on the go. The system would act as a single source for the information that will be served to their web site and mobile applications.

Business Requirements:

  • A content management system for managing the information about their hotels and other events.
  • The platform should allow visitors to sign up easily.
  • The platform that act as a single source for the information that will be served to their website and mobile application.
  • The platform that is responsive, dynamic, have changing contents, be pictorial, cluster-free, easy to navigate, and SEO-friendly.
  • The goal is to feature prominently the commercial divisions, offers, and promotions.
  • A very user-friendly interface so that any non-technical person can easily understand the system and start using it without any problems.
  • Hotel booking platform that is flexible, customizable, innovative, and capable of meeting basic hotel requirements.
  • Allow users to update the content of their website and mobile app at anytime with ease.
  • A robust, scalable and fully secured platform.
  • Easy content administration along with powerful publishing tools with simple workflows and controls.
  • The CMS solution that allow the admin to easily manage the content across multiple languages.


E2logy team, having delivered many CMS solutions in the past, quickly understood the key challenges in the project and proposed a custom CMS solution to the client.

  • Signups were allowed using Emails and Phone numbers. Integration with SMS and Email server was done that allowed customers to signup easily.
  • HomePage with the banner slider at the top. Consumers can access the particular page of the website from the header.
  • Tours and Travels will provide information about the division and give you detailed information on visas and cargo. Consumers will be able to see the online packages for their travel and tourism needs.
  • Hotels will display the information about the hotels with their details. Each hotel has a separate set of pages with a photo gallery and their locations.
  • Hotel Bookings will provide the required details and features for hotel bookings. Customers will be able to manage their bookings through it. Consumers are able to view hotel information, hotel services, hotel availability, and room information along with their standard prices. Consumers can book hotels from anywhere with an ease.
  • Shows will display information about their light and sound shows. Consumers can view the trailer of the show and can also book the show at their preferred location and time.
  • The dining page will display information about the five different restaurants with their contact details. Consumers can call and book a reservation.
  • Banquets & Events shows the full range of conferences and banquets facilities. Consumers will get information regarding the events.
  • The Gallery will display all the images of the hotels, Travel and Tours, sound and light show, and events. Consumers can access the gallery through the home page.
  • Tenders will provide the information regarding the management of the tender With their opening and submission date. Consumers will be able to see the upcoming tenders.
  • Divisions can be accessed and viewed by consumers from the menu. They can also access the individual division pages while clicking on the Read More button.
  • Intranet was done that allowed consumers to log into the platform. Consumers can access it through a user ID and password knowledge management system.
  • Offers and Promotions will display the ongoing offers on restaurants and hotels. Consumers can access the offer and promotion page from the menu.
  • Careers page will display vacant positions along with details about the particular job. All the job results and notifications will be displayed on this page. Consumers will be able to apply for the job and can submit their applications online.
  • Consumers can also submit reviews by filling in the fields and selecting the department on the submit review page. This page can be accessed from the menu.


E2logy team, having delivered many CMS solutions in the past, quickly understood the key challenges in the project and proposed a custom CMS solution to the client.

  • The platform helped the client to easily manage the content for their website as well as mobile app.
  • The client was now able to have full control over the content across website and the app.
  • A robust, scalable, and secure solution was provided. The login mechanism was secure and had tiers of permissions for users.
  • It allowed the client to streamline the overall content authoring process and it also helped them to bring down their website maintenance costs.

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