E-Learning Platform

Project Overview

Our client has been working towards upskilling and educating students and ensuring sustainable socio-economic development. They run some of the most successful employability-related programs in the fields of technology, business, finance, and lifestyle. They aspire to uplift the community by empowering everyone to access quality education effortlessly. In the domain of education and remote learning, our client wanted to provide a regional solution, targeted towards local students, to improve the quality of education.

E2logy was approached by a client who had unique educational requirements to help launch an eLearning website where students can interact and share information on courses, discuss ideas, and ask questions. They wanted to develop a website that can provide the details about their courses to the students.

Some of the primary requirements were:

  • The platform should provide information about the courses to students.
  • Students can buy and complete courses online.
  • The platform must also be integrated with a 3rd party CRM.

The challenge we faced

The primary challenge of the project was the integration with 3rd party CRM to manage all the enrollments and inquiries of the courses. Apart from the integration, the project also included Progressive Web App (PWA). The main goal of the platform is to allow students to learn new things at their convenient times. They wanted to provide a regional eLearning solution to increase student efficiency and improve the quality of education.

Solution we came up with

After considering the unique requirements of the client, E2logy developed the content management system for an online learning platform that simplifies the process of planning, creating, and operating online courses, and allows a high-quality education.

  • Experts at E2logy quickly understood the whole business concept and designed a fully scalable architecture for the system that not only met the current requirements but was also able to support the expected growth of the business over the years.
  • The platform was built as an online course management system where students can view the information about the various courses offered by the client and buy the courses in which they are interested.
  • The students can then access the courses from anywhere and at their convenience.

The Result

The platform allowed effective complete overall control of the administration, automisation, communication with the users, and of course content management. Additionally, it provided the client with immediate content updates, which allowed them to keep the course content up-to-date. The platform also helped the client reduce their overall operating costs. The platform provided the client with immediate course updates and offers an enriched remote learning experience to the students by providing multimedia content for the courses.

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