E-Learning Platform

Project Overview

Our client has been working towards up-skilling professionals and farmers through various short and long-term courses. They wanted to develop a website that could provide details about their courses to visitors.

In the domain of education, the client wanted to provide a regional eLearning solution to increase student efficiency and improve the quality of education. The unique educational requirements to help launch an eLearning website where students can interact and share information on courses, discuss ideas, and ask questions.

Business requirements:

  • An online learning platform that simplifies the process of planning, creating, and operating online courses, and allows a high-quality education.
  • An online course management system where students can view information about the various courses.
  • The platform allows students to learn new things at their convenient times.
  • The platform where students can buy complete courses online in which they are interested.
  • The platform was integrated with the CRM, ExtraAdge, where courses can be enrolled and inquiries handled.
  • Secure login to see course materials, training, and profile information.

The Solution

After considering the unique requirements of the client, E2logy designed a fully scalable “E-learning website”.

  • Sign Up/Register: Students can register themselves by providing their basic details. Integration with WooCommerce services was done using that allows students to signup easily.
  • Logins were facilitated using emails.
  • HomePage will provide the listing, showing a course preview video with details on the Online, classroom and, special courses along with rating and price.
  • Courses lists were displayed with different categories like online, classroom, and special courses. Students can browse through various courses in which they are interested. Students can also add courses to their cart in which they are interested.
  • Payments can be made easily through these features students can use credit/ debit cards to buy the courses.
  • Favorites will display the favorite courses list which are marked favorites by the students.
  • Integration with CRM, ExtraaEdge were implemented to manage all the enrollments and inquiries of the courses.
  • ChatBox system for messaging with visitors is integrated into the platform. Students can ask questions related to the courses or about anything in the chat box.
  • Other pages: the website also had other pages such as below:
    • About Us displayed to students about the platform’s Vision and Mission, their team, their affiliations, and the awards they have received.
    • News will display the latest news related to education, skilling, and the job world.
    • Blogs on emerging sectors in jobs, highly demanded skillset, job market trends,and corporate tie ups.
    • Careers will display the inside look of the platform, why join us, testimonials slider, job openings, job descriptions, suitable profiles, and the skills required.
    • Social media links were displayed so students can follow and interact with the platform’s social media accounts such as FB, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
    • Contact displays the form to fill out with the basic information so that visitors can get the information about their concerns.

The Result

E2logy quickly understood the whole business concept and designed a platform that not only met the current requirements but also able to support the expected growth of the business over the years.

  • The platform allowed effective complete overall control of the administration, automisation, communication with the users, and of course content management.
  • Additionally, it provided the client with immediate content updates, which allowed them to keep the course content up-to-date.
  • The platform also helped the client reduce their overall operating costs.
  • It helped the client to deliver a better experience to the students by providing multimedia content for the courses and the ability to keep track of progress along with robust reporting.

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