About Integrated Management of Childhood Illness

The client provides the management of childhood illnesses. They have prepared questionnaires, charts and other material that help the nurses and medical staff to easily assess the risk of various diseases in infants and young children and classify them with respect to the various illness. Using the material provided, the medical staff can easily identify various diseases amongst the infants and children such as fever, cough, difficult breathing, anaemia, malnutrition, ear problem, diarrhoea, measles, TB and HIV.

Furthermore, it also helps them in identifying the appropriate treatment for the identified diseases. A combination of treatments are included in the guide such as oral drugs, treatments for local infections, treatments for the clinic and follow up care. The client was looking for a solution that can easily convert their existing material into a digital form so that it can be used by the medical staff and provide a complete integrated management of childhood illness.


The client was looking for an easy and efficient way of converting their existing material into a digital solution. Also, the solution was going to be used by the medical staff who may or may not be familiar with technology and hence the proposed solution needed to be very easy to use. Furthermore, the solution should be able to help in assessing children, classifying them and identifying the treatments via a series of predetermined interconnected questions.


E2logy team did a detailed review of the existing material provided by the client and got the understanding of the business rules quickly. The team converted the existing business logic into a complex rule-driven algorithm that can help in assessing the children, identifying the diseases and classifying them into various groups based on the predetermined series of questions. After identifying the diseases, it can also help in determining an appropriate treatment based on the symptoms. The solution allowed the medical staff in managing the treatments according to the diseases that consists of treatments that are done in the clinic as well the self care at home that can be done by the mother.


The outcome was a mobile application that allows the medical staff the perform the preliminary assessment of the sick infant and children and know whether they are at risk of various illness or not. If they are found to be at risk of any diseases then it also allows the nurses to identify an appropriate treatment plan for the children. It also helps the staff in counselling the mother with respect to feeding the child and perform a feeding assessment. The solution helps in managing an end-to-end process consisting of various steps such as illness risk assessment, classification of children based on symptoms, identifying the disease, identifying a treatment plan and managing the follow-up care.

Industry: Healthcare
Project Type: Mobile Application