About ActivPass

Activpass is a fast growing start-up on a mission to dominate the regional beauty, wellness and fitness services marketplace. They wanted to empower business owners with highly intelligent business management tools and access to thousands of new customers through a consumer mobile application. E2logy took up the challenge of creating an ecosystem that can connect the consumers, who want instant access to high quality fitness classes, wellness and beauty services, with the businesses offering these services.


The primary challenge was setting up the platform where the businesses and consumers can easily sign-up. The platform should allow the users to easily find the businesses who provide the services they are looking for. It then should allow the customers to view the available time-slots and easily book their appointments. From the business side, the platform should allow the businesses to manage their listing and the information about the services they offer. Apart from that, it should also allow them to manage their service appointments.


E2logy team having extensive experience in setting up similar platforms for other clients, easily understood all the nitty-gritty involved in the project and quickly delivered the project. The platform included an intuitive & easy to use mobile application for the customers that had a business directory with an extensive search and filter options to allow the customers easily find the right businesses that provide the services they are looking for and book the appointments. Alternatively, the customers can also use the website to view business directory and book appointments. The customers are able to reserve a spot in their favourite fitness class or a book a massage or a haircut. The extensive directory search included the options to view favourite, nearest, best rated, most popular and best priced classes and services. The platform also included a loyalty rewards program that rewards the Activpass points to the customers for every booking. The points can be redeemed for vouchers and freebies. The customers can also shop using their DBS points. The solution also comprised of a backend for the business to allow managing their profile and services. It also had a calender that they can use to manage their appointments. The platform also provides the facility to combine multiple services together and create packages.


The platforms provided a seamless experience to the customers by allowing instant and secure booking of services. It also allowed them to save up to 90% on fitness, wellness and beauty sessions when they book with Activpass Last-Minute Deals. The customers can use a virtual wallet to manage their bookings, reward points, vouchers, gift cards and freebies. On the business side, the process automation brought a drastic reduction in the overall operating cost and service time. It also reduced the total cost of ownership for the business.

Industry: Health & Fitness / Lifestyle
Project Type: Website, Mobile App and Backend
Technologies: Android, iOS, PHP (Yii2 Framework)