Why Do You Need an Effective App Store Optimization Strategy?

Just developing a great app isn’t enough these days, as there are already millions of them competing against each other in the app stores. To make your app a popular and successful one, you got to adopt an effective app store optimization strategy that increases downloads and improves app visibility. Regular monitoring of ASO could bring about the desirable boost in app listing as well as in the total number of downloads. This, in turn, leads to better app ratings and reviews. Mobile app developers often overlook the aspect of app store optimization and focus only on creating flawless and feature rich apps. However, ASO is something that renders recognition to your app and helps the consumers find it easily among the myriad of apps. Research suggests that about 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches. Thus, to make an app stand out amongst so many, serving similar purposes, an effective app store optimization strategy is must.


Have a look at these 8 app store optimization strategies that every app developer must focus on:


Attractive Name

While selecting the name of the app, keep in mind that the name should be appropriate yet attractive. People mostly find apps through app store searches; so an interesting name is always the key to grab attention. You must also ensure that the name isn’t already taken and also avoid similar sounding names. Similar names confuse the users and you might end up losing a customer to a rival app. Include relevant keywords in the title to make the app easy to find. The app name must be easy to remember and type.



app store optimization strategy


Eye Catching Icon

An eye catching icon is must to make your app prominent among so many. Usually an app with a great icon is always successful in casting a lasting impression on the users. It makes the app appear as valuable and worthy of download. App developers must develop a high quality icon and deploy the same one across all platforms. Creative touch is must, so make sure it looks distinct and attractive.


App Description

While writing the app description, choose the words carefully as they impact the ASO greatly. The first few lines should generate interest and describe the app precisely. Crisp sentences, list of app features and benefits of using the app should be narrated well. In case you have other credible apps in the app store, mentioning them could be advantageous. Including keywords helps, but stuffing the description with too many keywords might have a negative impact.


Use Screenshots

Using screenshots as a feature list is unfortunately a common yet ineffective idea. Use your space as a great advertising platform to convey all the relevant information in an interesting manner, avoiding boring and predictable content. New or unfamiliar brands must be more careful about it as it’s their opportunity to cast a lasting impression. Screenshots can be used to tell a story instead.


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Selecting App Category

App category helps the users to find the appropriate app, suiting their needs. Thus, selecting the right category for your app is also important as it increases the probability of download. An effective way is to put your app in the category which has the least competition. But also make sure your app fits perfectly in it. Using smart approaches could make your app successful in no time.


Video Trailer

A video trailer could be a great idea, as it allows the prospective users to see what your app can do. However, an impressive trailer also attracts the users by conveying how creative the app developers are. Use a video trailer which is informative as well an entertaining.


Ratings and Reviews

Publishing positive reviews and ratings about the app attracts prospective customers. Today, everyone is pressed for time and instead of exploring the app themselves, people tend to rely more on ratings and reviews. Word of mouth works miraculously for the apps, so make sure that your app offers a wonderful experience to the users and succeeds in garnering positive feedback. You can also send push notifications, requesting users to send feedbacks.


app store optimization


Analyze and Update

Even after your app has been launched, you must keep on analyzing its performance across all platforms. You must perform searches for your app in the app stores, verify all the details, check its functionality after downloading the app and make sure everything is aligned with your expectations. Keep an eye over your competitor apps and discover keywords that you might be missing. Analyze the current standards but also find out what could make your page different. Keep your page updated.


Developing and launching an app aren’t as challenging as the job of sustaining it in the app store. App store optimization Strategy, if planned properly, could contribute substantially towards the success of your app. Adopting effective ASO strategies is a great way to make your app a successful one.


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