What are the different mistakes a mobile app developer must avoid

If you have a great idea which has a potential of becoming a financial success, then your next move would be of developing a mobile app for it. It is a general process of most of the modern business’s ongoing trends. Mobile apps are quite popular at the moment and they have helped many businesses to see a great amount of success. But the problem for a new and smaller sized business is that they are run by novice entrepreneurs who try to build the mobile app in a haste and make some small but relevant mistakes which can badly affect the performance of the app.

Here are some useful tips regarding mobile app development which can help any business to come up with an efficient and business-friendly mobile app by avoiding some mistakes –

1. Not making the sufficient platform considerations –

You should choose your mobile platform wisely. There are two most used mobile operating system Android and iOS. Android has the largest market share as it covers almost eighty-six percent of the mobile market and iOS covers around thirteen percent. But android users are generally such persons who do not want to pay for any app and wishes to get a free version. Whereas a general iOS user can pay for any desired app.

So you should research very hard that which platform you want to have for your mobile app. Additionally, you should also try to target those user group which is the potential client of your app.

Most of the app developers fail to comprehensively decide the platform. Some developers just build the app based on their stereotypes. It is not very common to see the developers building the app for iOS platforms as they think that they can put a price on their apps. It may be true, but not always. There are different factors and considerations that must be analyzed wisely for platform selection.

2. Mobile app is not a downsized web experience –

It is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding a mobile app that it is a downsized version of the website. Fundamentally, a mobile app is completely different from a website. It has different functionalities, different size, and a completely different scope. The difference is so important that if the Apple or Google does not like the design of your app, then they may disprove it.

Some developers think that a mobile app should do all the same things as a website or else it is somehow less valuable. The reason why the mobile apps are more valuable is because they are different than their desktop counterparts. They can be accessed remotely, they can accept touch inputs and can be accessed on a variety of digital devices. It is completely customizable also. It does not follow the pre-established designs or functionalities.
With the responsive web design making desktop browser experience available on every device, it takes more to justify the existence of a new app.

3. Monetizing an app is not easy –

The aspects of monetizing an app are quite different and daunting for a novice business owner. Do you want to put a price or want to adopt a subscription model, or a free app but with some in-app purchase options?
You can ditch all of it and can go for in-app advertising to make money. There are different probabilities of various approach which can be amalgamate together in such ways to perfectly suit for a business model. To be content with a perfect model is a monumental task for you.

It will be better for your business if you think of monetizing aspect before going for the development process. Being pro-active is beneficial for you to follow the correct path. There are some sites like AppAnnie and AppTrace that allow you to organize the apps based on their genre and popularity. By analyzing the genre of the apps you can get some best insight regarding your business’s chances of becoming a financial success.

4. No app sells itself –

Being optimistic is a good thing but a business owner just cannot toss its mobile app into a sea of thousands of mobile apps competition with each other. If you do not have the Idea to promote it to its potential clients, then you are risking it to disappear altogether.

You must define your audience, target their interests, and aim for a broader market. Always make sure that your app targets a particular problem and provide the best solution for it and then develop your app to address these issues. You can choose Google trends to see the trending topics around the internet.

5. Do not be the beta tester of your own app –

If you are going to test your app by yourself then you are burning its chances of succeeding. There is an important reason why beta testing is highly necessary as it brings some valuable outside perspective that will help you to catch some loose ends and overlooked points.

It is not just bugs but some valuable points regarding the Idea of your business also can come up during the beta testing. For example, how did you manage the in-app purchase options or maybe your app is responding slower to some options. Because you have developed the app on your own, then some basic flaws are overlooked by you.

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