Tutorial Apps: Why They Get a Large User Base So Easily?

People constantly look for things and technologies to make complicated things simpler for them. If you’re looking for someone who could teach you to make soft fluffy dry-cakes and you find an expert baker right beside you, you would try getting atleast a recipe or two of your favorite cake from him, wouldn’t you? But it looks so dreamy to be able to find a person right beside you who is an expert at what you might be looking for. This is the exact reason why tutorial app development has gained popularity, since they gather a large user base instantly.

Types of Tutorial Apps

Cooking Apps– These apps provide users millions of delicious recipes across a wide variety of cuisines by giving step-by-step instructions with photos and videos, so that they are easily understandable. They also help users to know what ingredients are required to make a particular dish and in how much quantity. 

Coding Tutorial Apps– These apps teach users to code in various programming languages like HTML, CSS, JAVA, Python, SQL, PHP, etc, in order to allow them to build websites and mobile apps, or to help them make a career in coding.

Tutorial Apps for MS Office applications– With these apps, users can learn the basic and advanced versions (along with tips, tricks and shortcuts) of windows explorer and MS Office applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, etc, which can help them in producing professional work.

Language Learning Apps– Similar to evening classes and books that teach various languages, these apps allow users to learn any foreign language at a pace which is comfortable for them and at any time and place that they prefer. Also, the app lets you track your progress and provides assessment tests as well.

Personality Development Apps– With these apps, users get expert tips and ways to help them build confidence, improve their communication and body language, make better decisions, handle their emotions and have positive thoughts towards life. All this helps them in enhancing their personality. 

Makeup Tutorial Apps– These apps provide quick beauty tips, beauty makeup tutorials, hairstyle tutorials, permanent makeup information, makeup lifestyle, cosmetic brands reviews, etc, through how-to-guides, images, or videos. 

Crafting and DIY Tutorial Apps– These apps provide inspiration to people for numerous DIY projects across a variety of topics including handicrafts, painting, photography, jewellery, woodwork, sewing, quilting, gardening, automative, arts and crafts, interior design, furniture design, etc, through video courses, illustrations and how-to-guides.

Math Tutorial Apps– Math is one subject which is considered boring and difficult for majority of students. These apps are similar to one-to-one tutoring and help students to work on their week points is a pace suitable to them. They contain notes, guides, study aids, tests, discussion forums, and videos, among other things.

Photography Tutorial Apps– These helps provide users with tips, cheat sheets, notes and lessons to help them take good quality photographs and videos with their DSLR or cameras.

How They Gather Such a Large User Base?

Looking at the tremendous amount of information that they contain and the ease with which they help people learn a number of things at their own convenience and preferred pace, it wouldn’t be shocking to imagine how they gather such a large user base.

Since sky is the limit for learning new things, the demand for such apps never go down as people constantly face the need to learn new things in different phases of their lives.

Students need tutorial apps to get help with their homework, assessment tests, exams, or preparation of interviews.

Women need them to get tips on makeup application and hairstyles, as well as to get tutorials on crafting.

Housewives need them to get help with cooking and baking.

Professionals would need them to enhance their personalities and get help in their respective fields.

There definitely wouldn’t be a single person who wouldn’t need any new learning in life and therefore, wouldn’t find value in such apps.

How You Can Earn By Getting Your Own Tutorial App Developed 

Once your users are hooked on your application, you can offer in-app purchases in it, such as advanced courses, guides and lessons, or some other extended features to let users remove ads and unlock additional features, for a sum of money.

You can charge a subscription fee from your permanent user base on a monthly, quarterly, semi annual or annual basis to access your courses and lessons. These charges are very less as compared to private tutorials, and hence, users get ready to pay them quite easily.

You can sell merchandise via your tutorial app. But you must make sure to sell items that are relevant to your tutorial app, for example if your app is a makeup tutorial app, then you can sell cosmetic items

A major part of your earning can also come from affiliate marketing as well as referral marketing. Also, the large database that you collect with the app could be sold to third parties for huge sum of money.

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