Top 7 Safety Apps that Keep a Close Watch Over You

Safety is the main concern of everyone, walking alone on the streets or visiting an unfamiliar place. In fact, in today’s world troubles like robbery, domestic violence, sexual assault or rape can arrest you anywhere, even in unexpected places. You can’t always have someone to jump in for your safety whenever needed but won’t it be great if you have the advantage of quickly reaching out to someone who can rescue you from troubles in some way or the other? To make it feasible, app developers have created a number of apps that work round-the-clock for your safety in an efficient way. Smartphones are something that everybody carries wherever they go and having an app in those handy devices that takes care of your safety through quick actions is absolutely desirable.

Let’s have a look at the top 7 safety apps which are serving the smartphone owners since long:

VithU App

During emergency situations we hardly get time to scroll through our phonebook and dial a number to call someone for help. VithU app is a good one which allows you to send an SOS alert to the contacts by pushing the power button twice. On doing so, the app sends alert messages to the listed contacts in every two minutes. The contacts who receive the message also receive your physical location, which gets updated every time a message goes out.

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Safetipin is an excellent app for safety which has been designed by incorporating all the essential features like emergency contact numbers, GPS tracking, directions for safe locations and others. It also pins the safe areas, showing their safety scores, to proceed to in case of emergency situations. Users can also pin unsafe areas through this app to help other users. The app is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Hindi etc.


Smart24x7 app coordinates with the police department of various states to ensure the safety of people, especially women and senior citizens. While stuck in a danger you can send panic alerts through the app to the emergency contacts. The app also takes photographs and records voices during the emergency situations for transferring them to the police. Smart24x7 also has cell center support for tracking down the primary movement of the users. You can just press the panic button and choose the required service and then click the submit button to accomplish your task.


bSafe is another effective mobile app designed for safety. Using this app your emergency contacts can follow you through live GPS trail. A timed alarm can also be set which goes off in case you haven’t checked in. The app also makes your phone ring with a fake call as well as notifies the emergency contacts with your location and video. The app also features a Guardian Alert button which, at the time of distress, notifies your family and friend with video and GPS location.

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 Circle of 6

It is a unique safety app that connects you with a maximum of 6 close contacts. You can choose various notifications as per the situation. In case you want someone to pick you up from an unknown place you can send an alert through the app to your 6 chosen contacts. Apart from this, the app also connects you to the concerned authorities in case of emergencies and also just for advice.

Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me is another safety app that acts as a timer. Starting the app while leaving home will set a countdown timer for you, notifying your friends or family members, when you left and how long will it take to reach the destination. If you don’t reach by time, or fail to extend your reaching time, your chosen contacts will be alerted through email or text about your location. On reaching the destination you can hit “I am Safe” button to let them know. If your contacts are nervous about your journey, you can share with them your journey and travel pictures and it feels like you are travelling with them.

 Sentinel Personal Security SOS App

Currently, this app claims to be the fastest SOS app available in the market. Using this app, you can send email and SMS alerts. You can also call your emergency contacts. Alerts sent out by the app contains GPS location, direction of travel and time. The best feature of the app is that is works even if you are not connected to the internet. 

With increasing number of events that highlight the need of improved security in the world, safety apps are indeed some very noble developments. They are like having a helping hand in times of distress.

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