Mobile App Design Trends That Will Rule in 2018

A swift shift in the number of people choosing smartphones over desktops for accessing the internet can be seen. The presence of mobile apps has become inevitable in our day-to-day life. Here are some mobile app design trends that will rule in 2018:

Minimalism- Simple color schemes would be more commonly seen in mobile apps in this year. Developers have already stopped too much variety of colors and too many design elements since that might cause confusion among the users. Not much variety of colors would be seen in mobile apps in the coming time and subtle color combinations, and simpler fonts would be more commonly seen.

Simpler navigation- Navigation that allows users to get to all necessary areas of the app on the screen with a thumb would more be prominently seen in mobile apps.

Functional animations– This kind of animation lets users immerse in the application and also makes the interaction process interesting for them. To incorporate such animations in your mobile app design, you can add animated responses, visual effects, other fancy tricks.

Personalization- Personalization in apps in done to create custom tailor-made experiences for each individual user. By recording user’s steps, developers analyze user behavior, buying patterns, interests, etc and customize their experience according to their in-app behavior. With personalization, consumers do not have to search for the same info over and over again. Moreover, marketers can push their products to a specific targeted audience effectively.

Incorporation of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality- Incorporation of AR & VR is the beginning of a totally new era in mobile app development. Some successful apps that incorporated AR & VR include PokemonGo, Snapchat, etc. AR-based user experience should be highly simplified and should reduce additional actions from user’s side.

Touch ID and Face ID- It is so cool when our devices recognize us by our fingerprints or by our faces, isn’t it? These are important security factors when it comes to your personal data and also saves time on long verification processes.

Chatbots and Aritificial Intelligence- by incorporating chatbots in mobile apps, users are able to effortlessly interact with brands 24×7. A combination of chatbots and AI helps answer user’s queries by pulling data from the underlying database. This is sure to take customer service to a whole new level this year. As a result, a spike in orders is predicted because of the ease and convenience of conversational bots.

Migration to cloud- Cloud computing is a handier way of data storage and global accessibility from different locations. This trend will further grow and help in streamlining operations, reducing costs in hosting, providing better storage options & better loading capacity, increased user retention, etc.

Voice user interface- VUI has already gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and is expected to gain more this year. Some popular VUIs that already are there include Siri for Apple, OK Google for Google, Alexa for Amazon, Cortana for Microsoft, etc. Interactions with technology are estimated to happen in a conversational style.

Better UI design- A simpler user interface is expected to rule mobile apps in this year. Outlined boxes could be seen for grouping related informations to give a clean and uncluttered look. Wider and more intuitive range of gestures are also expected to be seen in mobile apps.

Multi-app split screen- In the mobile world, enabling users to multitask is essential. It allows users to do multiple things at once on their screen and eases the navigational experience tremendously.

Moving animations- Incorporating moving animations can be a good way to highlight specific products or services. It specially plays an important role in e-commerce websites since users can move products around on the screen in order to thoroughly inspect them before they finally make a decision to buy it. This helps improve the user experience.

Subdued form of color contrast- In 2018, mobile app design trends have gone against the mainstream conventional wisdom by using more subtle color contrasts since they are easier on the user’s eyes and facilitate better reading experience.

Micro-interactions- This trend will get widespread. Microinteractions let people instantly observe the results of their on-screen actions.

Innovative app icons- Eye-catching app icons play an important role in influencing the minds of users towards a specific brand.

More video-based content than textual one- Users like watching videos more in comparison to textual content. Instead of reading text, we prefer watching videos, don’t we? This would be seen more in mobile apps.

Fading of hamburger menus- The trend of hamburger menus is fading out slowly since they are less discoverable and counts in complex navigational design.

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