How you can boost conversion by sending push notifications via your app

Arianna Huffington has said quite right that your users should be able to control when and how frequently they want information, not the reverse. But well, that’s no bad news, if you’re thinking it to be. People install apps on their smartphones for different reasons such as to get a service, to purchase a product, or to get some information, among others. They keep an eye on the latest discounts, offers, news, or messages. For this purpose, most people keep their notifications turned on.

Push notifications allow you to reach out to your customers and engage them with your app, irrespective of where they are. You would often have come across notifications saying something like “Flat 50% off for the next 2 hours, hurry and fill your cart” on your smartphone from that shopping site that you might have installed. Haven’t you? Not just e-commerce apps but a number of other apps too create a sense of urgency with their push notifications in order to grab the attention of their users.

People today carry there smartphones in their hands everywhere and at all times (even at places that might be difficult for you to imagine!).

Have a look at these ways by which you can convert your users and in turn, increase your sales by sending them push notifications via your mobile apps:

Direct users to your social media channels

Your business surely would be existing on more than one social media channel since a majority of your users hang out on social media. You might have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and pages on other social media as well. Push notifications are one of the best ways to lead your customers to your social media channels. This will create more traffic on those channels where you might be promoting your brand, products and services.

Promote products and services

Via push notifications, you can introduce newly launched products and services to users. This way of promotion grabs their attention instantly and entice them to them.

Restoring abandoned carts

People often fill their carts with products which they need to purchase but get busy with some other work, after which they forget to make that purchase. Would have happened with you at some point in time. With push notifications, you can remind your users of their abandoned carts and let them restore the carts by encouraging them to make the purchase.

Create a sense of urgency

Push notifications are a great tool to create a sense of urgency across all your users. With your mobile app, you can send push notifications with messages like “limited offer”, “these products are fast getting out of stock”, “this might be the last chance to get this product on discount”. Looking at such messages, users take immediate action without wasting any further time.

Deals and promotions

Through push notifications, users can be sent the latest deals, promotions and coupons that they can apply while ordering food, products, or any services. Studies show that when companies send deals and promotions by push notifications via their apps, the traffic on the app increases two to three folds and considerably boosts the sales.

Location related notifications

With the help of analytics and GPS tracking, you can send notifications to users by their locations. Suppose a user stays in Laxmi Nagar and uses an app to look for restaurants who deliver food in that area. With your app, you can send him notifications about any new food joints or restaurants that open in the area. A classic example of this is the Uber app, which sends coupons and discounts to users based on their location.

Personalized messages related to user’s recent activity and behavior

With digital analytics, you can track the behavior of your users on your app i.e what they are searching for, what they are buying the most, the place on the app where they spend the most time on, etc. With such insights into your customer behavior, you can send your customers personalized messages through push notifications related to their app activity and search patterns. Moreover, you can send similar product suggestions to users related to what they have purchased most recently.

Real-time communication

Push notifications simply mean sending messages to your users about the latest happenings into your business. You can send them the latest news, products, food items, deals, discounts, etc, which they would not get elsewhere. This is one reason why your push notifications would be of value to them since they would get every real-time information through them.

Though push notifications are a great medium for users to get real-time information which they do not get elsewhere, you should make sure to provide them with the choice of customization for their notifications with opt-in and opt-out features, so that they can control when and how frequently they prefer to get notifications. However, top mobile app companies follow the strategy of tying up the opt-in permission request to some value of the app. This will encourage them to opt for your push notifications.

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