Never Use These Terrible Web Design Trends For Your Website

A few years ago, all websites typically looked the same with static designs, flashy templates, animated and customizable cursors, too many sidebars, auto playing music and videos, beveled objects (how can we forget what an obsession these were back in the 90s?), huge banners, multiple types of cursive typography, dramatic drop shadows (how were these even tolerated back then?!), and flash intros, among others.

Web design has come a long way. New age designers realize the drawbacks of some of the obsolete web design trends of the bygone era and today they use design trends for the purpose of making the browsing experience of users positive.

Have a look at these terrible web design trends that you should preferably not use for your website design, but if you must, then be careful with it:

  • Complex typography – Using more than two typefaces is not generally recommended since too many typefaces create a cluttered looking site, which reduces its readability. Aim for a clean presentation which also reflects the style of your brand or business. Stick to fonts and typefaces that complement each other or provide interesting contrasts, tiny fonts won’t go well and would test the patience of a saint.
  • Streaming music on your website is not preferred or appreciated by everyone. There are visitors who absolutely hate the blast of music that comes when they open a website, that too without a warning. So, you wouldn’t want to use them unless you want to frustrate such visitors of yours.
  • Customizable or animated mouse cursors consume resources and deplete a lot of site’s available memory. They were a rage in the 90s, and um well, must remain there so.
  • Contrast fail- A few years back, designers were so obsessive about web designs that in all their excitement, they would forget about the contrast failures which would often result in poor readability of the pages.
  • Unresponsive web designs – Until sometime back, all websites were static. If someone would open them on his or her mobile device, the site would be displayed poorly or would break down. Mobile browsing has taken over desktop browsing in today’s time. Make sure your website has a responsive design so that your website displays well on major mobile devices and browsers.
  • Lame and overly aggressive pop-ups are unwanted and can be very annoying for visitors and detract them. Pop-ups infuriate majority of your visitors. So, you want to be be extremely careful with them unless you want to shoo your visitors away. Focus on providing a user-friendly and uninterrupted browsing experience to your users.
  • Infinite scrolling- No one likes scrolling endlessly through a website finding for a specific thing or element. People prefer to go to a topic by simply clicking or touching a button or a link that directly takes them to that page or section of the page.
  • Using too much JavaScript is also not recommended. Going overboard with your use of JavaScript will make your site heavy. Use plugins, widgets, and scripts if you really need them.
  • Hamburger icons on desktop sites look nonsensical. In mobile sites, they make sense since there is limited space there, but using them on desktop sites doesn’t make the site any more usable. And even for mobile sites, the word “menu” is much better than a hamburger menu since so many people still aren’t aware of the three lines that come with the hamburger menu.
  • Too many sidebars or widgets are a complete no to use on websites. They serve no purpose most of the times and rather distract the visitors from the CTAs that are the end goal. Minimal or no sidebars will direct the attention of your visitors on your CTAs.
  • Hit counters are so cheesy to even imagine in the times we are living in. They serve no useful purpose and look completely unprofessional. This trend was very popular in the 90s and should remain there. Today, there are so many website analytics services out there that give a much detailed visitor trends analysis, which makes this trend as pointless as a highly secure gate in the middle of wide open paths. Yes, it is actually that pointless!

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