Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust (“Suntec REIT”) is the first composite REIT in Singapore, owning income-producing real estate that is primarily used for office and/or retail purposes. They were looking for a Loyalty & Reward Program for their Suntec City Mall. The program should provide a common reward platform for all the merchants. They were looking for a Cardless reward system that can allow their shoppers to earn reward points as they spend in the mall and then redeem the earned points as vouchers and utilize those vouchers. They also wanted to use the same platform to provide the information about the on-going offers, happenings and events in the mall.

Client Name:
Suntec City Singapore
Project Type:
Website, Mobile App and Backend
iOS, Android, WordPress & PHP (Yii Framework)


One of the core objective of the project was to provide a Cardless loyalty program so the main challenge was validating the shoppers. Also, the merchants were using different POS systems so validating the purchases made and awarding the respective reward points to the shoppers was also another challenge as integrating to all the different POS was not feasible. Another challenge was setting up an easy redemption process for the shoppers.


E2logy team understood the underlying challenges and after a lot of brainstorming, came up with a mobile application based loyalty platform. The mobile app would act as a digital loyalty card for the shoppers. To overcome the challenge of validating the purchases and awarding the points, E2logy team proposed to use the mobile app to allow the shoppers to click the pictures of their receipts and submit for verification. The Suntec team was provided with a backend using which they can review and approve/reject the receipts. The system will then automatically award the points based on approval. The platform also has an easy to use content management system that allows the Suntec team to manage the on-going offers, happenings and events.


Suntec City got its own Cardless Loyalty rewards program which enabled their shoppers to shop across any merchants within Suntec and earn reward points without the need to carry a physical membership card. The shoppers can upload their purchase receipts from anywhere to earn rewards. Furthermore, the shoppers can redeem their earned points against e-Vouchers which can be utilized across the mall. Using the platform, the Suntec was able to deliver a delightful customer experience and also run customer focused campaigns.