New technologies and higher aspirations have hugely transformed the global work culture. Flexible business strategies have gained prominence, and to help you achieve the same we offer cloud support services, customized your way. You can avail scalable and secure resources, suiting your needs and company infrastructure, anytime and anywhere.


Eliminate your organization’s need of building IT infrastructure by migrating it to AWS

Amazon AWS is a comprehensive and dynamic cloud computing platform that helps companies of all sizes with tools and services required to pave the way for success. Its scalable, cost-efficient and highly reliable infrastructure empowers numerous organizations all around the globe. Our technical team provides set-up, migration, support, and maintenance services for Amazon AWS We help you access a global computing infrastructure through Amazon AWS by availing computing power, storage and many other vital services.

AWS Standard Consulting Partner

SysOps & DevOps

Overcome the limitation of manually maintaining the server by automating it

We provide technical support for maintaining, implementing, designing and developing server environments using both SysOps and DevOps approaches. SysOps is the traditional approach where maintenance of server environments is done by manually introducing the changes. However, in DevOps, manual activities are not acceptable such as manually configuring changes or implementing new software version in several servers. The changes are saved at one place and the system automatically finds it and uses it as per the requirement. DevOps focuses on faster delivery with reduced costing, quality maintenance and consistent need to work in a cloud computing environment. Our experts employ the most appropriate approaches depending on your company infrastructure.


Cloud Optimization

Configuring your cloud service to fit your company’s needs makes it more efficient

With more and more organizations opting for cloud services as a dynamic business tool, cloud optimization is taking the center stage as a necessity to streamline the operations. Cloud computing is increasingly forming a major component of the IT infrastructures of organizations, and simply deploying different cloud services isn’t enough these days. We offer cloud optimization services to help you monitor these resources closely for enhancing productivity and boosting security. Cloud service providers offer scalable and flexible business strategies which need to be optimized as per the company infrastructure and work culture. Making cloud computing more efficient to extract maximum benefit is what our cloud optimization services aim at.


Private & Public Cloud

Priority of data security and privacy varies for organizations

We offer both private and public cloud services based on the business requirements. Our private cloud hosting solutions are, especially, recommended for companies having expensive data centers as they reside on company’s intranet. Organizations can use their current infrastructure and manage it their own way with high security and restricted access. Alternatively, for those availing public cloud services, the data is stored in the data center of providers, who take up the entire responsibility of security, maintenance and update. Based on your company infrastructure, we offer the best cloud solutions, which are reliable, scalable and safe from data breaches.

Private & Public Cloud

Cloud Monitoring & Support

Constant cloud support and observation could help overcome your technical hurdles

Our cloud support team aims at helping you maintain smooth operations so that you can attain your goals faster, without encountering too much technical hurdles. We constantly monitor your cloud services, boosting them to achieve maximum efficiency. Solving customer problems is our top priority and as per your requirements, we provide support for a vast range of services including migration, remote infrastructure management, software development and many more. Be it a small, medium or large organization, we analyze the infrastructure and needs of an organization, based on which we provide various support services including:

  • Hourly basis
  • 24x7 Support
  • Dedicated Team Support
  • Phone support
  • Chat Support
  • Ticket System Support
Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Migration

Smooth migration to cloud along with post migration support

We offer migration services by moving applications, data, and other elements of business from onsite computers of an organization to the cloud or from one cloud environment to another. Our professionals expertise in hassle free migration and also provide post migration support. You can relax about your sensitive data, significant documents, credentials, and designs as we take utmost care to keep them confidential. Compatibility with the new environment is a crucial factor and in case of such issues we help you with the new environment service provider.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Setup

Allowing the companies to enjoy an elastic environment where they can have on-demand infrastructure over the internet, we set up cloud services for them. You can avail scalable resources like applications and networks, which can be deployed in a quick and cost efficient manner. To eliminate security concerns we rely on antivirus and other utilities to protect the servers. We also configure virtual private cloud (VPC) for the clients who demand high level security on cloud, isolating cloud server from public internet. Based on the infrastructure of organizations, our experts suggest appropriate size of cloud instances to fulfill their requirements. You can also have auto scaling feature in which when resource utilization increases, new servers automatically start and scale, taking on the load.

AWS Cloud Set Up