Web applications

We make custom web applications based on client’s needs.

Web Apps

We make web apps in Open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Linux & Apache. These web apps provide benefits such as lower TCO, high scalability, interoperability and great community based support.

Enterprise Web Applications

We make enterprise web applications using Microsoft Technologies such as .NET, SQL, IIS, Windows etc. These applications are highly secured to run various operations of a business such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Warehouse, Distribution, Logistics, Customer service, among others.

Web Backends

We make Web backend applications that are also known as Admin Backend, Control Panel, Backoffice, CMS etc. Backend Web applications allow you to perform admin related tasks such as data entry, user management, approvals, order management, inventory control, client management, and other general settings.

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Mobile Apps

We make Mobile Apps using Native SDKs of iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Native Apps

We make high-quality apps with a superior user experience and rich functionality using Native SDKs. These apps take advantage of the latest technology and the device’s built-in features which makes them feel natural to your device.

iOS & Android

We follow app store policies, UI guidelines, and standards of various mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android & Windows for the development of mobile apps targeted for these platforms.


To take your mobile app idea to the next level, we develop a wide range of wearable apps for Apple Watch etc. with the latest features and functionalities to meet the demand of modern customers and enhance the experience of your users.

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Analyze and interpret your business data so as to improve your business performance.
Data AnalyticsDashboardsReports


We perform data analysis and run queries on underlying data to analyze behavior of your mobile or web users. This analysis provides insights into various unknown areas that can be explored by business to enhance its customer retention or increase sales.


With the use of compelling and meaningful data visualization from multiple sources, we simplify complex data sets and present them in easier format for you to monitor your business performance.

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cloud support

We migrate, setup and maintain cloud systems for clients.
Amazon AWSMicrosoft AzureOffice 365DevOpsSysOps


Our cloud architects build robust scalable architectures for cloud implementation of client applications and services depending on their company size, storage requirements, growth plans, security concerns, budget constraints, and other business needs.


We can move your applications and services to the cloud to let you focus on your higher-value operations, keep up with the growing storage needs, and reduce your operational costs. Further, we constantly stay in connection with our clients for post migration support.


After deployment of applications over the cloud, we monitor cloud servers for our clients at all times with alarms and automated monitoring. Our cloud engineering team is available round the clock to manage disaster recovery scenarios.


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Artificial Intelligence

Robust intelligent solutions pushing the boundaries of your businesses to go beyond automation of tasks.
Machine LearningDeep LearningBOTIOT

Automate complex tasks

We integrate artificial intelligence in our solutions that simulate a human brain to help you perform tasks that require complex reasoning.

Ensure better accuracy

To err is human. But some mistakes not only spoil the task at hand, but also make the efforts useless. With appropriate artificial intelligence tools, you can ensure better accuracy and precision in all your data processes.

Overcome human limitations

The human race has limitations. With the power of AI, you can save the need of human resources, implement human intelligence in machines, replicate human decisions & actions, overcome human limitations.

Pilot9 is the design partner of E2logy.

Responsive websites

  • Give your website a better rank in search engine results page.

UI/UX design

  • Increase your brand awareness with our effective online marketing methods and strategies.

Search marketing

  • We help optimize websites to get as many users to use them and also share them across various online platforms , which would ultimately result in increasing the brand’s popularity.
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Some of the awesome projects we've worked on.
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