Taxi Reservation Solution

Project Overview

Our client has been providing transportation services in and around New York for the past 30 years and with its 900 fleets of cars containing Lincoln Town Cars, Mercedes Benz, and Cadillac luxury sedans as well as limousines and SUVs, it rises way above normal cab companies and other transportation carriers. They were looking for a taxi Reservation solution for their fleet. To make a handy mobile application with an easy platform interface to be simply adopted by customers for their use. They were looking for a way to offer seamless reservations services so that they can offer their clients the type of car they want, the exact date, time, and location they prefer.

Some of the primary requirements were:

  • They were looking for a taxi Reservation solution for their fleet.
  • A mobile application with a simple platform interface that customers could adopt was needed.
  • They were looking for a way to offer seamless reservations services to their clients.

The challenge we faced

The main challenge was that they need to offer their clients seamless reservation services so that they can get the type of car they want, the exact date, time, and place desired. Naturally, with such a huge fleet and so many years in business they’d be handling several business calls from their enormous client base. Now, with this huge volume of calls and bookings, chances are that clients might face difficulty in getting a reservation to get a pickup to/from the airport or book a car for a trip outside the city. There is also the possibility of problems with cancellations or obtaining and managing information, such as how much luggage a client is carrying, would the client requires a special type of car, or any other special treatment.

Solution we came up with

Since it was quite apparent that all customers of our client requiring their services would be traveling to or from a place where they need a car to pick them up, it was a no-brainer that the project required a reservation portal deployed on smartphones for people to use its service in a hassle-free and convenient manner.

E2logy started by developing the iPhone app which would serve as our client reservation portal. This iPhone app would ask the user to sign in using his Facebook account to use its services. Sign in with Facebook is a very popular and convenient feature these days. Since almost everyone has a Facebook account these days, it gets them past the registration process in seconds. However, if anyone does not want to opt for that alternative, they can create their account by going through the signup process and registering themselves explicitly in the system.

Once they are done with registration and sign-in, they can either check their reservations or create a new reservation and book a car. They can also go for an option called ‘I am at Airport’ which will allow them to instantly book a car from the airport itself. A new reservation would be possible at least one hour before the time of pickup. The client has to enter the pickup and destination address, date and time of pickup, number of fellow passengers and luggage bags, and whether they have any kids or pets with them or if any of them is physically disabled. Once they are done entering all this information, they can choose the type of car they want to pick them up and after that’s done, they can confirm their booking and pay the necessary amount via their credit card.

As soon as their bookings are confirmed, they are added to the My Reservations section, wherein they can view its details and also add it as an event in their calendar so that they get a reminder about it.

Apart from the bookings and reservation section, there are other sections where users can update the account information, add/edit/delete their credit cards, check out their trip history, invite friends from Facebook and followers from Twitter to use platform services, enable/disable discount and promotional alerts, provide feedback and log out.

The Result

E2logy delivered a solution for the client that provided their clients an amazing reservation service. Such as:

  • A dedicated mobile reservation tool so that they can book a ride according to their trip and make necessary reservations for it along with the other flight and hotel bookings.
  • This tool also allowed them to feed in the additional information about the luggage they are carrying, physical disability, number of fellow passengers or kids, or book a particular choice of car so that they can get a perfect experience as desired.
  • It works as a complete, end-to-end, solution for booking a ride to/from airports around New York or even to some other trip to anyplace else.
  • Clients can rest easy and book their desired ride with just a few clicks. Thus, the platform ensures that their clients get the best experience possible from them.

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