Property Management System

Project Overview

Our client wanted to build a platform that would allow residents to rent their properties through Airbnb. As part of the project, a Syndication module will be developed to track Conversations, Communities, and Calendar information through the Airbnb API. This system will essentially be a custom Airbnb CMS portal, which will consolidate all unit information and communication.

It is intended that the platform will be tightly integrated with Airbnb and should allow residents to list their properties on Airbnb directly through the platform. Customers can also search for interesting listings through the platform, where hosts can manage the details of their property. A key objective of the platform is to provide hosts with detailed insight into the revenue generated by their properties.

Some of the primary requirements were:

  • Airbnb API integration
  • Required API Development (to fetch content from CMS)
  • Web Pages HTML Design & Development (Desktop & Tablet Compatible).

The challenge we faced

The integration with Airbnb was by far the most challenging element of the project. As well as integrating their systems, the project included several interfaces such as a mobile app, a website for the hosts, and a backend for their website. The client also wanted to offer some additional services to the guests so they wanted to have add-on features like home cleaning, key-less entry, events management, and the ability to post other curated content.

Solution we came up with

Experts at E2logy quickly understood the whole business concept and designed a fully scalable architecture for the system that not only met the current requirements but was also able to support the expected growth of the business over the years. Below is a brief overview of them:

  • The platform was built as a property management system where property owners and property MasterHosts list their property on Airbnb and a guest can book a unit over Airbnb and a MasterHost can able to chat with a host, check monthly, weekly, and yearly revenue with the help of charts, post a review about a guest, manage events and much more using the system.
  • A master host can sync a unit(s) of a property with the help of Airbnb and also modify details about a unit like a floor plan, number of bedrooms, etc. After updating details a MasterHost can publish their listings and if all the information is valid then a guest can book a listing over Airbnb.
  • Some useful tools, like video-wall, will be useful for a property management to overview all their earning on a single screen and slideshow to images or videos on big screen.

The Result

The platform allowed residents to earn extra income when they list and rent their space on Airbnb and their guests enjoy a hotel alternative that feels like home. They made the process seamless and secure with advanced technology and services like on-site MasterHosts™, home cleaning, keyless entry, five-star amenities, and curated weekly events such as wellness classes, social gatherings, and Airbnb Experiences.

The Mobile app allows residents to sync with their Airbnb calendar, check earnings YTD, and see future bookings. On top of that, they can reserve amenities, pay rent, and more. They can also opt-in for weekly or monthly cleaning services provided by the app.

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