Commercial Offices Platform

Project Overview

The project was about developing a dashboard for our client, a well-known filming studio. They had set up a portal to manage the day-to-day operations of the studio such as tenants, tenant stores, bulletins, promotions, events, inventory, and various types of requests such as filming requests, flyer distribution requests, roving requests, etc.

They want to have a centralized dashboard for the various types of users which can provide a piece of overall information about their daily tasks along with any approvals that are pending from their side.

Some of the primary requirements were:

  • The main objective was to build a tenant portal.
  • Portal will be based on previous projects (LL) along with additional changes.

The challenge we faced

The project had many modules hence the data was distributed across the entire system. Due to this, the major challenge for the team was understanding what’s important for the various user personas and then identifying the sources of the information.

Furthermore, the users of the system were non-technical so the dashboard was supposed to present the important information in the most simple manner so that the users are easily able to understand the KPIs and pending actions. Also, the dashboard should allow the users to directly take the required actions from the dashboard itself or should allow them to navigate to the respective module easily.

The solution we came up with

The challenges faced during the development of the app were overcome by implementing a few solutions and have made it an extremely successful project. Below are the solutions:

  • Experts at E2logy started with a discovery phase where they had several sessions with the actual users of the system.
  • By discussing what’s important for each user persona, the team got a good understanding of the requirements.
  • Furthermore, the team also tried to understand the business decisions that the proposed dashboard should support.
  • The team then designed and developed the dashboard for the portal which covered important KPIs and action pending items for each type of user.
  • The development of the project involved working out a data acquisition strategy, developing algorithms and scripts to process the data and generate the required output.

The Result

The dashboards developed by E2logy not only helped the users to get an essence of what’s going on in the studio but also helped them to know the required action items from their end and respond immediately. Furthermore, the dashboards provided other information that was important for them to know. The dashboard helped the client in managing the day-to-day chores of their studio easily and also resulted in the overall reduction of business process timings.

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