News and Media Platform

Project Overview

Our client is one of the most prominent news television networks, and they wanted a strong presence on the web via mobile apps and websites. Their goal was to inform their viewers instantly of current events. They wanted to offer the news in three different languages that is English, Hindi, and Marathi. They wanted a modern look for their website and apps. The client was looking for an easy-to-use content management system that would allow them to manage content for the web and mobile apps from a single location.

Some of the primary requirements were:

  • A centralized CMS that could handle both the website and mobile apps as needed.
  • CMS solutions should provide an easy way for administrators to manage content across multiple languages.
  • Their goal was to provide viewers with instant access to news.

The challenge we faced

The project appeared to straightforward when the client approached us with the requirements. We learned that it was not that simple once we reached the development phase. These were some of the challenges we faced:

  • The primary challenge was to have a centralized CMS that can cater to the website as well as mobile apps.
  • Also, the CMS solution should allow the admin to easily manage the content across multiple languages.
  • Another challenge was the ease of use and the overall experience that the CMS should provide as the users who were going to manage the content were from a non-technical background so the system should allow them to easily publish the news across the site and mobile apps without the need of any technical knowledge.
  • Lastly, the CMS needed to have solid content authoring, review, approval and publishing mechanisms in place so that it helps in setting up a streamlined publishing process.

Solution we came up with

The following solutions were suggested by E2logy to the challenges mentioned above after in-depth discussions with the client:

  • The e2logy team had already developed solutions for other news agencies so they promptly proposed Drupal as the backend for the entire solution.
  • Using Drupal, administrators were able to manage content in a variety of languages, as well as use advanced content authoring tools.
  • The users of the news agency found the proposed solution very easy to use and started making use of it immediately after initial training from the E2logy team.
  • The solution allows the news team to publish news across multiple channels from a central location easily.
  • Being developed on top of Drupal, the solution was robust, scalable, and fully secured.

The Result

The use of Drupal development solutions by E2logy allowed the project to be very effectively implemented with client requirements.

The solution enabled easy administration of the content by providing state-of-the-art content authoring tools. It made it easy for the admin to manage all the tasks involved in content production and keeping a track of scheduled content and related assets.

Having Drupal as the backbone, the administrator was able to extend the functionality of the CMS by adding new modules and plug-ins. Overall, the solution allowed the users to administer multiple sites easily and on platforms.

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