Tele-medicine Platform

Project Overview

The national telemedical companies offer a Doctor who’s often located across the country whom patients might have never seen before and probably never will again. This situation sometimes creates hesitation amongst patients about sharing their health-related information with doctors located across the country. Furthermore, national services are often staffed by primary care physicians or advanced practitioners, that is nurse practitioners, who lack the expertise of the specialists.

A patient might have a problem with the eye or a rash, but however national service might not have an ophthalmologist or a dermatologist available. Also, the patient does not have confidence that their doctor will be available to them if their condition changes and requires an office visit. Our client was looking for a platform that could provide a solution to the above-mentioned problems and can help connect local patients and doctors easily.

Business requirements:

  • The project aims to develop a mobile app for the iOS platform for both patients and doctors.
  • A mobile app where the users can consult a doctor and also book an appointment with a doctor without the need to go to the hospital.
  • The application allows both the doctors and patients to sign-up easily on the platform with a few easy steps.
  • The solution provides a basic user interface that allows patients to report their issues quickly.
  • The platform allows patients to share photos of their injuries or have video chats with their doctors.
  • The platform is combined with a good explanation of the history of the patient’s medical condition.
  • The solution with stringent security requirements as it needs to deal with the patient’s information.
  • location-based services to connect the local patients and doctors easily.

The Solution

E2logy’s experts were able to grasp the whole concept of the business quickly and implement a system with a fully scalable architecture that not only met the current needs but would also support the planned growth of the company. Here’s a brief description of them:

  • The tutorial screen will display after the splash screen so that users can swipe through all the help screens available in the tutorial pager screen.
  • The registration screen will display a dropdown to select registration for the patient user or doctor user. The patient’s registration were allowed using an email ID. In the case of Doctors, registration provides the option to enter the NPI Number and DEA Number.
  • Login screen will display after the splash screen. Users can log into the app by registered email and password. After login, the user will land on the app’s home screen. For patients, the app will show the Find Doctor screen. For doctors, the app will display an appointment screen. Users can recover the password through the forgot password module.
  • Profile: Patients/Doctors can view and update their profiles with their information.
  • Search Screen: The patient can enter his/her illness and location to search for doctors who belong to entered disease treatment. The patient can view the doctor’s information and proceed for booking an appointment. They will also have the option to filter search results based on date range, time, and language.
  • Messages and chats can be exchanged by the patient and photos can be sent by the patient to the doctor about their condition.
  • Appointments of past, pending and upcoming can be viewed by the patient /doctor on this screen. The patient can check their history and all the details of their past appointments. For the pending appointment, the doctor has to accept/reject the button to confirm the appointment.
  • Calls: The patient can talk and do a video call with the doctor. The patient can enter the appointment ID/meeting ID for the call. The call will begin as soon as the doctor arrives at the appointment time. The patient can view the e-prescription submitted by the doctor at the end of the call.
  • Settings will have various options based on user type. Below are the options in setting screen:
    • Email & Password: Patient/Doctor can update their current password.
    • Payments: Doctors will need to set up account details to get the payment and patients can save their payment details using this screen.
    • Health profile: This will the health profile of the patients.
    • Past transactions: Patient can see past transactions in detail from this screen.
    • Schedule: Appointments can be booked bydisplay simply clicking the book appointment button. A patient can choose a date and time slot and enter some basic information about his or her illness when scheduling the appointment with that doctor.
    • Help: A patient will be able to see information about app features in text or video on the help screen.
    • Terms of services: User can read the terms and conditions with these content pages.
    • Push notifications: Users will be able to receive push notifications
  • HIPAA Compliance: The platform was hosted on Amazon AWS using AWS HIPAA-eligible services. There is a two-factor authentication process on the patient and doctor applications. SSL/TLS is configured for secure transmission. On a cloud server, a firewall and other log activity tracker is configured to track login attempts and data access attempts. The load balancer is implemented to balance server load across multiple cloud instances.

The Result

E2logy delivered a solution for the client that provided their clients with a highly user-friendly application with amazing service. Such as:

  • In the process, a HIPAA-compliant telemedical platform is developed, which can be used by clinicians to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients based on their location.
  • Doctors can use the platform to diagnose their patients easily by using secure video chats and photograph exchanges.
  • Medical professionals from several specialties are connected to the platform, giving them the expertise to evaluate and treat conditions telematically.
  • It is the beauty of a telemedical platform that it is staffed with local, familiar professional providers who can follow up with the patients in person, if necessary.

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