Appointment Booking Platform

Project Overview

Our client is a fast-growing start-up on a mission to dominate the regional beauty, wellness, and fitness services marketplace. They wanted to empower studio owners with highly intelligent business management tools and access to thousands of new customers through appointments booking platform. The platform included intuitive and easy-to-use mobile applications for the customers & studio owners as well as a business intelligence application for the platform admins.

Business requirements:

  • The platform should allow consumers and businesses to sign up easily.
  • The creation of an ecosystem for connecting consumers.
  • Fitness, wellness, and beauty services can be accessed instantly.
  • Provide users with an easy way to find businesses that offer the services they require.
  • Platform that provides the facility to combine multiple services and create packages.
  • It should be possible for customers to view the available time slots and book their appointments easily.
  • A loyalty rewards program implementation for the application.
  • Business owners can manage their listings and information about their services.
  • Businesses can select their target audience based on segments on this platform.
  • Appointments for business services can be managed.

The Solution

E2logy understood all the nitty-gritty involved in the project, and delivered a successful solution to the client.

  • Home Page with the clickable banner slider at the top. Consumers can search for merchants/services/classes from the search box that will display main categories and consumers can see more deals by clicking on “load more”.
  • Signups were allowed using Emails and Phone numbers. Integration with SMS/ Text providers was done using Amazon SES and Twilio services. This allowed consumers and businesses to sign up easily.
  • User profiles for both, Consumers and Merchants can be created. Consumers and Merchants can update their information with profile photos and they can also delete stored cards.
  • Service categories can be browsed, filtered, etc along with their detail pages that include a banner used for promotions and the subcategories. A comprehensive directory search provides information about favorite, nearest, most popular, and most affordable classes and services.
  • Packages will be displayed with the balance of services included in each package for consumers to choose from. A consumer can check the history of packages, services, classes, gift cards, events, and regular deals they have purchased.
  • Bookings can display merchants from which consumers have previously purchased as well as upcoming bookings. Booking histories, including service and class details, can also be viewed by consumers.
  • Scheduling will display a list of consumers’ upcoming bookings. Consumers can see all bookings in the calendar/list view and can have the option to cancel/reschedule bookings if the time limit does not reach as per policy.
  • Favorites will display favorite merchant list and staff list which are marked favorites by the user.
  • Payments can be made through the DBS/POSB daily availability points. Consumers can use their DBS points for shopping. Consumers can view the used points and the received points by clicking on the transaction that takes them to their order receipt.
  • Vouchers can be received by entering promo codes. The voucher list will display a list of offers that consumers will receive with promo codes and promotional offers, and they can use the vouchers for free to book a class or service.
  • A gift card list can be viewed by consumers with a purchase option. Consumers will be able to see the title of the gift card, the description, the price, and the validity of each gift card. A gift card can be shared with any email address, and its recipient will receive points that can be redeemed from the gift card by clicking the purchase button.
  • Consumers can see a list of messages that are received/sent. They can also reply from the message detail screen.
  • The loyalty Rewards program will reward customers for every booking with platform points. Vouchers and freebies can be redeemed for points.
  • Last Minute Deals can be viewed by consumers and each deal will have information like merchant name, deal name, address, date, multiple slots on a day, price, special price, and duration. Consumers can filter Last minute deals based on Categories, Price Range, Time Range, Day, etc. They can also sort Last minute deals based on Earliest, Nearest, and Best Value.
  • The platform also comprises a full-fledged campaigns module that allows businesses to easily create and manage their Email, SMS, and Push notification campaigns.
  • The businesses can select the target audience based on segments for example all customers who signed up during a specific time period or consumers who have used specific services or consumers from a specific age group etc.
  • Analytics Dashboard that will give a complete holistic view of the entire campaign for example, how many people received the communication, how many of them opened the email, how many of them clicked the link, how many responded etc. The business can also easily monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns via the dashboard.

The Result

  • The platforms provided a seamless experience to the customers by allowing instant and secure booking of services.
  • It also allowed them to save up to 90% on fitness, wellness, and beauty sessions when they book Last-Minute Deals.
  • On the business side, process automation brought a drastic reduction in the overall operating cost and service time.
  • It also reduced the total cost of ownership for the business.
  • Customers can use a virtual wallet to manage their bookings, reward points, vouchers, gift cards, and freebies.

So, all in all, it is a complete end-to-end solution for customers who want instant access to high-quality fitness classes, wellness, and beauty services without any trouble.

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