Tourism Management System



Our client is one of the largest hotel tourism management companies in the world. Their business is providing a hospitality, retail, and education company. They were looking for a content management system to manage the information regarding their hotels and other events that they are managing. The system would act as a single source for the information that will be served to their website and mobile application.


The CMS solution is required to support multiple languages on the website and mobile apps, so the admin can easily configure content across multiple languages with the CMS. Considering that the majority of the users will be non-technical, the proposed solution needed a very user friendly interface so that any non-technical person can easily comprehend the system and start using it without any problems. One more challenge was that the content was going to be created by users across various departments so the CMS needed to have proper content authoring, review & approval, and publishing mechanisms in place so that it gives proper centralized control to the administrator.


E2logy team, having delivered many CMS solutions in the past, quickly understood the key challenges in the project and proposed a custom CMS solution to ITDC. The solution allowed the users to update the content of their website and mobile app at any time with ease. Furthermore, the users did not need to understand any programming languages or code to use the CMS. It offered easy administration for the content along with very powerful content publishing tools with simple workflows and controls. Having built on top of the .Net framework, the solution was robust, scalable, and fully secured. It had tiered permissions for the users with a secure login mechanism.


As a result, the platform helped the client to easily manage the content for their website as well as a mobile app. The client was now able to have full control over the content across the website and the app. It allowed the client to streamline the overall content authoring process and it also helped them to bring down their website maintenance cost.