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Healthcare Management System



It is a service and equipment company focused on providing hospitals, manufacturers, and medical professionals with the highest quality services. The client was looking for a quality management system for clinical perfusionists. The system would make it easier for medical professionals to manage all procedures commonly performed including cardiopulmonary bypass, stand-by, autotransfusion, platelet therapy, and ECMO, among others.


A major challenge in this development was to create a single system that not only maintained patient information but also kept all patient documents in one place. An objective was to get a solution that would simplify and streamline the various procedures related to onboarding new patients, preparing cases, and checking quality, by providing all the required information and by adding checklists and quality control procedures to each case.


Experts at E2logy developed an application that is compatible with any computer that has a web browser and Internet connection, as well as tablet computers such as the iPad. The solution was developed as an information and quality management program for clinical perfusionists. It can help in managing all of the procedures commonly performed including Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Standby, Autotransfusion, Platelet Therapy, ECMO, and much more. Furthermore, it is a completely cloud-based system that never requires software installation or updating. A provider renowned for its safeguards and reliability secures and stores the data in an encrypted data center. The Platform is a complete system that helps to treat and maintain patients easily and efficiently. This leads to a better solution to the patient’s problem. A detailed report can be generated about the patient’s disease. The system can work with a single hospital as well as a multi-hospital setup. There is an audit log that keeps logs of all events in the system. The audit log is related to each case. The security is also there to define the access permissions for different users. There is also a dashboard feature that gives an overview of cases and their procedures.


The platform, therefore, allows users to easily keep track of all the procedures related to patient management, therapy management, and document management. As a result, every aspect of patient management can now be controlled.