Healthcare Management System

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Difference Between Responsive & Progressive Web Apps

Project Overview

Our client is a health care equipment and service provider that strives to provide the highest quality services to hospitals, manufacturers, and other medical professionals. As an established health care company, they recognize the challenges health care professionals face when several patients are sitting at the desk, each with individualized health care information. Therefore, they decided to develop an application for easy data access, real time data availability, patient records, and other critical metrics at their fingertips to simplify this complex process.

E2logy was approached by a client who wanted to create a web-based quality management system for clinical perfectionists to maintains the health records and information of the patients. This system would enable medical professionals to efficiently manage all of the common procedures including Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Standby, Auto-transfusion, Platelet Therapy, and ECMO, among others.

Some of the primary requirements were:

  • Implementing a quality management system for clinical perfectionists.
  • A cloud-based system that does not require installation of or updating of any software.
  • An easy-to-use and efficient system for creating and maintaining patients.

The challenges we faced

The main challenge was to develop a single system that not only maintained the patient’s information but also kept all the documents that are related to the patient. The solution should also help in streamlining the various procedures that need to be followed for new patients on-boarding and preparing a case by adding all necessary information along with all the required checklists and quality control procedures associated with each case.

Solutions we came up with

Following a few brainstorming sessions with the client, the E2logy team came up with several solutions that effectively addressed all the above-mentioned challenges. Below is a brief overview of them:

  • E2logy team of experts developed an application that works on any computer with a web browser and Internet connection including tablet systems like the iPad.
  • The solution became a new informatics and quality management system designed for clinical perfectionist. It can help in managing all of the procedures commonly performed including Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Standby, Auto-transfusion, Platelet Therapy, ECMO and much more.
  • A completely cloud based system that never requires software to be installed or updated.
  • The data is encrypted and stored in a secure data center with a provider renowned for its safeguards and reliability. It is a complete system that helps to treat and maintain the patients in an easy and efficient way.
  • The system can work with a single hospital as well as a multi-hospital setups. There is an audit log that keeps logs all events in the system. The audit log is related to each case.
  • The security is also there to define the access permission with different users.
  • There is also a dashboard feature that gives an overview about cases and its procedures.

This leads to a better solution to the patient's problem. A detailed report can be generated about the patient's disease.

The Results

Our goal was to streamline the Quality Management system for clinical perfectionist. We successfully developed a web-based application to cater to business needs and benefit them in a variety of ways, such as:

  • The platform helps the users to easily manage all the procedures related to patient, therapy and documents management.
  • The users now have full control over their operations. It is the only comprehensive perfusion-centric data management option currently on the market.