Why Should You Choose App Development Agencies like E2logy Over In-house Teams or Freelancers?

Why Choose App Development Agencies like E2logy

One should think about several options when he or she is looking for a professional website or application development. You may be able to save money by trying to figure it out yourself, but certain jobs require a high level of expertise. An alternative approach would be to hire someone to work for you in exchange for a salary. Here’s where it gets tricky, should you hire a freelancer, or would software development companies make more sense?

Website development or application development is sometimes claimed to be a job that can be handled by one individual. A freelancer with an impressive portfolio and a reasonable schedule might seem a good fit initially. One the other hand, there are companies and agencies offering software development with big teams and multi-skilled resources that work at a level higher according to client needs. One may wonder why it is necessary to hire so many when one or two resources could accomplish the task?

In today’s IT industry, you can find numerous companies and freelancers. Their expertise and understanding help them complete the work in the best possible way.

In this article, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of working with software development agencies like E2logy over In-house teams or freelancers.

In-House Development Team

A long-term solution for product development is to hire an experienced in-house team. It may be an option for some organizations, but not for most. In the case of business owners who already own a successful organization, this task can be handled more effectively by a team of experienced developers.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring an In-House development team

  • Rapid Exchanges: When a product starts to evolve, it can be enhanced with new features. Making changes to a project is easier with an in-house team. It is easier to communicate technical details and to track the progress of the project, which increases the efficiency with which bugs are resolved.
  • Collaboration: As a result of the collaboration of the team, technical details that are critical to the organization are addressed, allowing quick customization.
  • The ideal team formation: It is easy to maintain a committed in-house development team since you can select the right people to create a balanced team. Recruitment is time-consuming. As a result of the new employees, the development team will be more effective.
  • Expensive: The primary expense is salary. It is costly to hire, support, and maintain an in-house development team. Having an external service provider can be less expensive than hiring internal developers. Human resources must also consider benefits, sick days, and training. In addition to hardware, software, rent, and taxes, the total cost is also determined by these factors.
  • An insufficient number of experts in different fields: The team must seek a new candidate if that skill set is lacking. Specific skills are needed for a specialized project. Project scope changes or expansions can also cause this problem. New equipment, holidays, and insurance fees are associated with hiring an extra employee.


If you’re hiring freelancers to do small projects, product fixes, or minor upgrades, they’re usually a good choice. Remote independent contractors are meant by freelancers, not remote employees who work remotely.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelancer

  • Adjustability: There are no restrictions on how much time the freelancer works during the day. Their flexibility allows them to start coding in the middle of the night or even build a website at the crack of dawn. There is no constraint on when the freelancer works. Identifying one’s goals and sizing up the work are the most important things.
  • Point of Contact: In the case of freelancers, there will be only one single person whom you can contact throughout the entire process of the work. Freelancers are usually to blame when there is an issue with the schedule
  • Accessibility: When a capable freelancer is working on multiple projects at once, he or she is always efficient. When there is a requirement for a freelancer, it is possible that they will not be available. Independent contractors face this problem every day.
  • Cost-Effective: There is no difference between the cost of freelancing for freelancers and paying for only the services rendered by clients.
  • Privacy: Every company requires its freelancers to sign non-disclosure agreements because privacy plays a critical role in this industry but still the risk remains. There is a possibility, that the freelancer who is currently working for you will join your competitor’s team later on.

Software Development Company

There is an excellent middle ground between standing for your in-house team or risking working with a freelancer if you hire a software development company or agency. The capabilities of software development companies are limitless-they can meet any of your requirements, from routine upgrades to developed platforms for many users. As a result, they are dedicated to offering high-quality services to develop long-term relationships with their clients.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a software development agency

  • Exceptional product: Teamwork is always the key to creating attractive, effortless, and engaging solutions. Only a few websites or applications are developed by freelancers that are highly appreciated. It is said that a group of minds can do better than a single person, and the team is capable of producing better work.
  • Collaboration: The client will work with several experts. Experts from more than one area will be involved in developing the end product. These include programmers, designers, marketers, etc.
  • Support System: Your project will never be neglected halfway through development by a software development agency. As well as providing ongoing support, the software development agency implements your project and will achieve the relevant results. A contractor will go above and beyond to help you with ongoing projects, unlike a freelancer.
  • An increase in expenses: A company’s services are always going to be more expensive than those provided by an individual because it has to consider expenses other than the services themselves. The cost of hiring a team to manage your complex project would be expensive.
  • Irregular communication: You will be in a loop when you hire an agency since the client will talk to a single manager and the other members of the team will be doing the work. The chances of creating documentation and roadmaps are slim.

Several experts have weighed in on which is the best choice between freelancers and a team at an agency, based on the facts we have collected. There are many choices for choosing an agency over a freelancer, and most of those choices are pointing in that direction. Aside from spotting some excellent advantages, the agency is the perfect partner for complex and larger projects. Companies that specialize in software are generally trusted. Therefore, agencies are a better option for long-term solutions since they possess multiple skills that are useful during the project development process. Selecting an agency is the right move.


We hope this article should have convinced you of the importance of hiring an app development agency like e2logy. The requirements for the app development process should only be determined by the project. Team members with the best talent, a solid track record, and a commitment to long-term investment will be the best fit for your app.

If you have a large, complex project requiring the collaboration of multiple individuals to get the job done quickly, a professional app development agency is a better option.

Why not give E2logy a try if you still do not have an agency in mind?

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