Must Have Features in Your Appointment and Event Booking Website

Must Have Features Event Booking Website

It is now possible to create a website in just a few hours (if not minutes) with modern tools and techniques. It is now possible to create amazing online booking websites using them as well. Websites can be created even by people who are not programmers. Creating a website is only the beginning of the real work. It takes more than you think to keep a website running and survive the competition.

You can, however, change the response to your website by making very small changes and adding features. Some of the features that an online booking website must have are listed below. These simple features will give you great results once you integrate them into your site. Let’s have a look at them.

Features in Your Appointment and Event Booking Website

If you’re organizing an event, an event website is a free means of advertising. Regardless, you should make sure attendees are prepared for the details, even though it’s relatively easy to set up a page. A website for an event needs to include these details to be effective.

1. Registration

Booking websites must have this feature as one of their essential features. In addition to “Email Address,” “First Name,” “Last Name,” “Password,” “Confirm Password,” and much other information, users must be able to enter their details during the registration process. Also, the organizer must be able to submit the registration by clicking the “Submit” button.

2. Options for reservations

Seats are available for many events that have reservation options. It would be helpful for attendees to see which options the venue has available before making a booking if they could select a particular one. A visual representation of the available seats along with the reserved seats is necessary for this purpose. Their seats can then be claimed based on what they want. A color-coded list of VVIP and VIP seats at the venue can show their location. Seeing what they are paying for will give them a clearer picture. Moreover, they will be encouraged to purchase tickets in advance to ensure they get the best seat possible.

3. Add-to-calendar button

You want your event to stand out among all the other events that take place nearly every night of the week. Don’t forget to make your event easy for attendees if you want them to remember it. Your event will be just one click away when you provide them with the add-to-calendar option.

4. Options for flexible payment

The provision of a variety of payment methods is an essential feature of event organization software. The decision to integrate reputable, stable, and well-known money transfer methods is a wise one.

5. Manage Profile

The manage profile tool allows event planners to manage their info, such as contact information, passwords, and bank details, in addition to closing accounts.

6. A variety of languages and currencies

There should be the option to use multiple languages on your booking form depending on your booking system. All automated customer communication takes place in the language of the guest’s choice, resulting in a seamless booking experience. Having a booking experience that feels like home will make them feel more at ease.

7. Date, time, and location

At least one of the most important factors in a person’s decision-making is the information he or she receives. Without knowing the date and location, how can they attend? Although this information may seem obvious, it is easy to overlook. Keep it out of the ground. The date, time, and location of your event should be prominently displayed on your page.

8. Options for sharing and checking in

Let’s be honest. Everyone likes to brag about being a part of that big concert! It’s easy to shout from the rooftops. Isn’t it a good idea to make things easy for them? Share and check-in features should be integrated into your platform. Event-goers will be able to share the details of the event on various social media platforms or by emailing the ticket booking link to their friends, family members, and acquaintances.

In addition to spreading the word, the sharing option can also help you save on marketing costs. What do you think about free publicity?

Group ticket purchases can also include the option of sending tickets to all those listed on the purchase form. Purchasing tickets this way will be hassle-free for buyers since they won’t have to send them out individually.

An app can be developed that scans the QR codes on tickets during check-ins with an app that can be downloaded. Since attendees will be using their mobile phones as tools for the event, this will also serve as a way to analyze its success.

9. Email confirmation and registration form

You don’t organize events just to indulge people, even if you’re a nice person. The goal is not to sell as many tickets as possible, but rather to sell as many as possible. Thus, you should promote the registration form and make the application process as clear as possible so that interested followers can submit their applications at any time. Right after they register, let them know they have been registered by sending a confirmation email.

10. Manage capital securely

For your everyday work to be made significantly easier, a good booking tool should at least have the following nine features. The tenth point, however, is essential to the success of any of these functions. A trusted and reliable company must provide the solution and collect the data and capital you generate securely. Your money will be safe even if your company goes out of business. In the best-case scenario, your capital is managed by a trustee account with a reliable bank if your capital is not handled by the company itself.

11. Security assurance and safety

We are amid a cyberattack and hacking. In addition to ensuring the safety of data related to activities and conferences, you can also find the best party planning app to protect your data. A good data encryption facility should be included in the program. As technology becomes increasingly important to event management, safety and security can be ensured through event management software.

Moreover, tools such as password managers can work as an additional security layer, allowing you to keep track of all your event information on one place if you use several tools.

12. Mobile-friendly and responsive on all devices

It is imperative to have a mobile-friendly website. In today’s digital world, consumers increasingly rely on their smartphones, whether it is for booking tickets via social media or planning events. Hence, the event booking website must be cross-browser compatible and device-independent. Tickets will be booked using laptops, desktops, or handheld devices by attendees. This cannot be determined. It is therefore essential that your website is responsive, user-friendly, and provides a great experience from beginning to end, regardless of where the customer is.

13. Reporting and analytics

Maintaining momentum after an event is key to making the most of it. You can identify opportunities for improving future events by reporting and analyzing the performance of your event. Attendees and the event can seem overwhelmed by the amount of data. Event ticketing platforms offer you the option of accessing data in a meaningful way based on your needs.

You can automate all the hard work with event platforms that include ready-made reporting tools. A spreadsheet-free way of analyzing sales, attendance, and payment reports makes it much easier to gain insight. You can stay on top of your most important analytics by managing your events and data on one platform. Make smarter decisions from one dashboard by linking your pre-sale, real-time, and post-event event overviews.

Wrapping up

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