Five Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

5 Ai Cases

For years we have read books and seen movies about the way robots and machines will take over our world. We have been fed scenarios of how machines would develop human thinking abilities and ultimately replace humans. In the last few years, a lot of progress has been seen in making this a reality, and artificial reality is today all set to be a part of our regular lives rather than stay in the realm of fantasy. Let us take a look at five ways in which AI (artificial intelligence) is already changing our lives.

Facial Recognition

If you have been even slightly regular on Facebook, all this month you would have seen people upload a current picture of themselves along with a 10-year-old picture of themselves. Although this trend became viral as a harmless game, there are people who said it is a ploy to get tons of data to help recognize Facebook’s facial recognition algorithm. Machine reading of faces for allowing access, providing medical records, finding a family tree, the possibilities of facial recognition are endless. Many a website design and development company has invested in facial recognition already, and this year we hope to see more use cases in everyday life.

Personalized News Feeds

With a Facebook page open, try booking an airline ticket online. For the next few days, your Facebook feed will have lots of stories about airlines, hotels, and car rentals. This is just one example of the use of AI to get more relevant feeds to every person. Whether it is music, films, news, sports, or books, AI will continue to be used to come up with more pertinent suggestions.


The principle premise of AI has been to allow machines to ’think’ like humans, but not too much progress has been made on making machines ‘feel’ like humans. As the virtual assistants (more on that later) answer more and more queries and do more and more jobs for you, their answers and suggestions will become less of fact-providing and more on understanding your needs.

Virtual Assistant

The personal assistant has already become quite ubiquitous, being used from everything to playing music to giving weather updates and controlling lights and temperatures in the house, etc. The interesting thing about virtual assistants is that they not only highlight the great features of AI but also give you the benefits of machine learning, with the assistant learning to understand what you like or don’t like.


This is one of the areas with the greatest potential to change our lives for the better. Doctors and diagnostic facilities have already begun to use AI for intelligent data mining from patient health records. The biggest intervention is expected in the area of correct diagnosis of a health problem using the right combination of symptoms, recent medical history, and family medical history. Less common, perhaps, but more far-reaching, would be the use of machine intelligence in areas like genome sequencing for getting cures for life-threatening diseases. The five examples above are just some ways in which AI has already begun to affect our life and work, and beyond this, the possibilities are just endless. AI is also being adopted by many websites designing companies in India.