Benefits of Using PhoneGap for Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are in vogue these days and every mobile user prefers to have everything just a click away. Amid the myriad of apps, developing every now and then, cross-platform apps are garnering huge popularity for working efficiently on varied platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. There are many frameworks for developing such mobile apps and PhoneGap is one of the most prominent among them in terms of critical acclaim as well as popularity. There are several benefits of using PhoneGap and this open-source platform makes the job of developing cross-platform apps a lot easier. It is a crucial tool for corporates interested in developing business applications and for other app developers aiming to develop cross-platform apps with little effort.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using PhoneGap and how it keeps the developers ahead of other frameworks:

1. No special skills required for development

PhoneGap can be learned very easily. A developer doesn’t need to learn complicated languages to code mobile apps as this framework uses the most common browser-based skills like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. This helps the enterprises to employ their own tech team for developing useful apps smartly.

2. App development with minimum effort

The framework is integrated with various libraries that help to enhance the application’s functionality easily, saving development time. It is a flexible tool that allows developers to develop varied mobile apps with minimum effort. It also supports a plug-in architecture model which allows the developer to extend the app functionality in a modular way.

3. Easy installation and distribution

Another advantage of using PhoneGap is that the apps developed with it can be installed easily across all mobile platforms. It also facilitates easy distribution and marketing of the application on the app store.

4. Uniform user experience

Apps developed through this tool work uniformly well on multiple platforms, avoiding differences in the look and feel of the app when run on different platforms.

5. Speedy app development

Its powerful backend system increases the speed of the development process tremendously. This greatly reduces the effort on the developer’s part. It also offers a beginner’s guide that helps to speed up the process further. The framework is especially great for businesses as they can launch a new app in minimalistic time.

6. Supports device features

Another incredible feature of this tool is that it taps into the hardware of the devices like the accelerometer, geolocation, camera, and others. This property of native apps has been incorporated into PhoneGap which allows the easy development of cross-platform apps having uniformly great user experience.

7. Open Source

It has Open Source License and provides a great app development framework for free. The PhoneGap community assembles new modules and codes for better development and makes them available without any charges.

Although some areas of this framework still require improvement, it is a robust tool for developing apps easily even without acquiring any special skillset. PhoneGap empowers companies expertizing in mobile app development to create outstanding apps equipped with innovative features in minimal time. However, while adopting this framework one has to consider factors like business needs, app requirements, and developer skill because a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach might not work for all purposes.