We have developed a wide range of mobile apps designed for varying purposes, for a highly diverse clientele base. Being a dedicated mobile app development company, we have catered several organizations with customized and user-friendly mobile apps, to ease the jobs of different wings.

Mobile Apps

Picking up the appropriate mobile app for a venture might not be easy or you may have to compromise on some grounds while adopting from the existing pool of apps. However, we make custom mobile apps for multiple platforms that serve specific purposes fully and have all the desired features under one roof. Be it for using within your enterprise or for easy interaction with your customers, we design precisely as per your requirements, using latest technology. You can further customize the features of the mobile apps as per your needs or liking.

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Wearable Apps

The craze of wearable is going up with time and so is the need of efficient apps that serve the purpose, overcoming the limitations of such small devices. Our team specializes in developing excellent wearable apps, combining latest technology and finest designs. Smaller screens and constant movement of wearable devices mostly require different and innovative approaches to present a gratifying user experience and superior functionality. Our team of experienced techies not only expertises in developing feature rich wearable apps for different devices and platforms but also takes care of their scaling, maintenance and bug fixing.

Wearable Apps

What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

E2logy develops and maintains our cloud based enterprise applications that are used for Cardiopulmonary bypass operations

Bryan lich CEO, OnCloudSys
Customer Testimonails

E2logy develops & manages our websites on Amazon AWS cloud. In just the last year alone, they did 40+ websites for us and we look forward to more this year!

Todd butler Director Technology, Bozzuto

Internet of Things (iOT)

Wireless technology is taking big leaps to connect everything through internet and the concept of machine to machine connectivity, better known as Internet of Things, is currently revolutionizing the world. It has, especially, accelerated the functionality of mobile phones. Mobile connectivity has boosted the use of internet substantially, transforming the way people interact with or use different tools in daily life. Be it education, health-care, finance or any sector, the concept has made everything more accessible and easy. Walking on the same lane, we strive to provide the most effective mobile apps and services to connect everything around you with the power of internet.


Mobile Analytics

Developing a great mobile app isn’t enough until you analyze the data generated by it. To ease the job, we offer mobile analytics to measure app usage and revenue. You can track visitor behavior, user retention, returning users and many more such crucial factors that help you optimize the app for maximizing profit. We offer set-up, analyzing and consulting services for Google analytics and also develop custom tools as per business requirements. Appropriate mobile analytics gives you an edge over others by helping you increase engagement and design smart business strategies.

Mobile Analytics


Mobile apps access information from a central database, called the backend, to perform various tasks. Efficient functionality of mobile apps depends on the efficient management of backend data generated by millions of users in the form of images, texts and videos. We offer Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaas) to manage the central database of apps, allowing them to store and retrieve information, content and images whenever required. Our team expertises in developing highly configurable backends which can be easily integrated into mobile apps.



Obviously, there is no dearth of web applications as every now and then a new or evolved technology surfaces. However, to accomplish a specific goal it’s very important to have a web application that suits a specific working style. It should neither overload you with unnecessary features, nor should leave out the important ones. But finding the most suitable one from the plethora of web applications is quite a tough job and to help you avoid such troubles we develop custom web applications that precisely meet particular sets of demands. We design them as per your requirements to give preferred outcomes, skipping several tedious procedures and saving a fair amount of time. Our web application developers emphasize on making feature rich applications, with customization options for every feature.


They say first impressions are the most lasting. While doing business over the most common platform, the web, you need to leave a strong impression to stand out in the competition. Your website speaks of your identity, attracting clients at the very first look. Powering your business with an extra drive, we develop websites that reflect your vision and strengthen your brand presence online. Our website developers firmly believe that a prospering business largely depends on the decision of clients and we help you turn those decisions in your favor by developing appealing and unique websites.

Social Applications

The digital world has crowned social applications as one of the most powerful and important tools that facilitate easy communication and interaction and help in expanding outreach. For entities believing in the potential of enhanced connectivity, we develop social applications, typically designed for establishing and maintaining connection among users. We allow organizations to capture, store and present communications in written, audio and video formats. Based on your unique business infrastructure we develop applications for social interaction, feedback acquisition, easy conversations, product and service promotions and many more essential web based activities that require a bridge between two or more parties.

Content Management System

Creating and maintaining a great website that appeals to the visitors is important to attract clients. A detailed website might render all the necessary information to the visitors but its static nature could fail to keep them interested. We develop Content Management Systems (CMS) which allow your administrators to control and manage website content, even without any technical training. CMS helps you accomplish tasks like content addition, image deletion, text editing, and many more very easily. It also offers a full site search engine and reduces the dependency on the IT department or web design agency for making alterations. It contains multiple modules using which multiple users, having different permission levels, can manage sections of website content or data.


E-commerce industry is surely the most flourishing one these days and is enticing more and more organizations to invest and indulge in the same. For the newbies and the established ones, aspiring to stand out on this highly competitive platform, we offer excellent e-commerce solutions. Be it customizing existing stores or developing new ones, our experts make sure that your time and investment are directed only towards success. In e-commerce, assessing the website traffic is very important as it gives you relevant insights about the visitors. We also offer Google analytics support for e-commerce, helping you evaluate information about the visitors which is essential for finding new customers and maintaining connectivity with the existing ones.