Surefire Ways To Increase Conversions On Your Website

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” -Jeff Eisenberg

Getting good traffic on your website is important beyond doubt, but retaining and converting the existing traffic is equally important.

Your website conversion would mean getting your visitors to do anything and everything that you want them to do, be it buying a particular product or service, subscribing to your newsletter, signing up/registration, downloading a file or document, filling out a form, or a number of other things depending upon your business goals.

But, do you think getting your visitors to do what you want them to do is as simple as it looks? In this digital world full of competition, this could get quite challenging at times. Having said that, there definitely are some awesome techniques and strategies which are adopted by those companies which have the highest conversion rates ever.

Here are some tried and tested ways to improve the conversion rate of your visitors on your website, in no particular order:

  • Strong and obvious CTAs- Try placing multiple CTAs up front in obvious places in order to make them unmissable. Also, they should be clearly understandable and must have an enticing look. CTA buttons are a much better option over links. Make sure to test the text, shape, color, and size of your CTA button.
  • Include as few fields as possible in your fill-in forms, in addition to making the forms short. Further, make as many input fields as possible, optional to fill. Only a few main two to three input fields should be compulsory, rest all should preferably be optional.
  • Showcasing testimonials and reviews of your customers can help build your website’s credibility and it shows the success of your products and services, which in turn are responsible for improving the conversions on your website.
  • Conversion elements should be placed above the fold- The most important elements and information in a website should always be placed above the fold because that is where the visitors initially put their eyes and pay attention the most. The lesser important details and elements could be placed below the fold.
  • Recommend related products- This is commonly done on e-commerce websites. You see a couple of peep toe heels and are recommended a couple other similar ones. While online shopping, you frequently get recommendations of similar products, don’t you? This is a good way to boost conversion.
  • Get your visitors excited- You can provide certain “steal deal” offers, coupons, and discounts to get you visitors excited. Another way by which they can feel a sense of urgency is by implying scarcity and keeping the best deals for a limited period of time. This is known to increase conversions up to even three folds.
  • Offer various payment options- It is important to offer multiple payment options to your users such as credit cards, debit cards, visa cards, online wallets, cash on delivery, EMIs, etc, for the different needs and preferences of users.
  • Focus on your key traffic referral source to analyze the main source from where your major traffic is coming to your website.
  • Don’t require registration in order to buy- This would be considered a blunder. There are visitors who aren’t interested in signing up, their only purpose being purchasing the product and getting done with it. If you’ll attach the buying process with registration, you would straight away lose such potential customers.
  • Free shipping has a huge effect on conversions. Your visitors do not like to pay unnecessary charges. They consider shipping charges as a sheer wastage of money. People prefer purchasing products on those sites that do not charge any shipping or hidden fees.
  • Offer free trial or samples- This is another effective technique which can attract and convert even the most doubtful customers to your product or your service. By offering a free trial or a sample size product to people, your conversions can be improved significantly.
  • Fast load times- Why should anyone have to stare at their blank screens endlessly and wait for your website to load? Your slow loading website could be a big turn off for your visitors. A competent web development company codes the website effectively and makes sure to keep the website loading time fast, which would preferably take at the most 3 seconds to load properly.

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