Some Incredible Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out

To blog is to share, connect, create, and inspire. Blogging is mostly about creating an emotional connection with your readers and providing them with unique and valuable information.

Before starting your blog, you must plan and take care of certain things that are most important to make your blog stand out. Here, have a look at them:

1. A name represents identity. Think of a catchy name for your blog and create strong and epic content for it.

  • Use killer headlines to entice your target audience to your posts. For this, it would be good if you know your target audience well.
  • Pick unique topics or you can even write one something common with a unique point of view. You’ll definitely have an advantage if you write about juicy and exciting topics as per the likes and preferences of your target niche.
  • Make your readers remember your posts long after they’ve read it by integrating interesting stories in your content.
  • One thing to remember here is to never use too much textual content on your blog or it would look monotonous to your readers. Include other media formats and great visuals (such as videos, audios, graphics, infographics, gifs, images, and other visuals) in your blog.
  • You can make your blog look influential by interviewing well known people in your field and including them in your blog or even by reviewing a number of books in your category.
  • Another quite important aspect considered to make any blog taste success is by having a consistent publishing schedule for your content.

2.  While the above point clearly depicts content as the king in any blog, do not forget that promotion is considered as the queen here. And well, what is a king without a queen? This is why promoting your blog is as important as creating killer and engaging content.

You can promote your blog by:

  • Sending your blog posts (along with a link of your blog) to your readers via email
  • Sharing posts on various social media platforms everytime you publish a new one
  • Promoting your blog across your internal communications and promotions
  • Including a link to your blog on your business cards
  • Running contests and giving special gifts to get potential readers engaged

3.  Make all your blog content easy to scan by giving your readers easy search options with useful filters. For this, keep a clearly noticeable search bar at the top of your blog and it should show search suggestions while the user types. Also, you can organize all the content under various sections and categories to enable easy scanning.

4.   Anti-social blogs are similar to anti-social people; no one wants to go to them. Do not keep your blog confined to a single corner. Socialize it in order to make it easy for other people to share your content by:

  • Incorporating social sharing widgets in every post of yours
  • Sensibly commenting on other blogs with a link to your blog (do not spam though)
  • Responding to as many comments on your blog as possible
  • Answering questions on Q&A sites to show your expertise
  • Using advertising on selected platforms to engage prospects

5. Have a quality design for your blog. Hire a professional web development service that could provide a great looking web design for your blog and suggest you on your blog’s color scheme, theme, header design, navigational design, typography, and the overall layout. Your blog design should be made keeping in mind the overall user experience and your target niche. The design should connect with your target niche and be relevant to the kind of blog it is. The logo of your blog should be of superior quality. Another important aspect of a good user experience is the navigational design which should be intuitional, simple, and attractive. Last but definitely not the least aspect you cannot ignore is the CTAs on your blog. Have multiple CTAs on each page of your blog, make sure they are bright and noticeable, do not use generic terms such as “click here”, “know more”, etc. Rather, use explicitly descriptive text in your CTA buttons, such as, “click here to see chocolate cake recipes”, etc. This will help your readers to clearly know what they’re going to get by clicking on the CTA button.

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