Redesign Your E-commerce Website To Outdo Your Competitors

Redesigning a website is an essential process that every business website should go through. One may ask why. Well, to answer that, a website redesign process is considered essential in the world of web designing for the simple reason that new design trends keep popping up from time to time. This means that if a website isn’t redesigned for a long period of time, it will look outdated. Whether it is an e-commerce site or any other, redesigning has become extremely important for businesses.

When it is time to redesign your e-commerce website, there are certain things that need to be considered. Have a look at them here:

  • Consider your business objectives, organization’s mission, and the demographics of your target audience. You should be able to serve your target audience via your e-commerce site. Consider their behaviour, buying psychology, attitudes, etc while redesigning your site because many such things keep changing with time.
  • Consider all your website’s technologies and shortcomings. Ask yourself whether there are any platform shortcomings on your website, whether it has become too heavy that it loads at a painfully slow speed, is there obsolete technology being used on your site, is it able to properly handle all the traffic it is getting, are the plugins and features properly integrated on your site, etc.
  • Consider your marketing costs. Find out if your online store has limited options for displaying product information and determine if it has a backend control for optimizing details of product images. Further, try to figure out the URLs structure on your site i.e whether it is website friendly or not.
  • Consider your new product launches. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar store or an online one, new products are launched often. For this purpose, it becomes important to redesign your e-commerce website at a regular basis. Make a place for such products and make sure none of the newly launched products are missed on your site.
  • Keep a track of all that has worked in the past and all that hasn’t. Consider what all your visitors have complained about, which features they have liked the most, which ones they need but aren’t there, etc. Address all these issues in your redesign.
  • Consider what your competitors are incorporating in their redesign. Figure out the things that are there on their website but not on yours. Improve upon their features which you thinks needs improvement. Try putting elements on your website that would differentiate your website from your competitors.
  • Consider your hosting options according to your specific site requirements.
  • Make it easy for your users to place orders by incorporating new technologies like one page checkout systems, multiple payment options, etc.
  • Your website should be mobile first because being mobile-friendly has become a requirement now. Go responsive and follow best practices while designing your online store. This would give your users a consistent experience across various devices and browsers. All skilled web development companies today make sure to build a mobile-first design these days.
  • Consider what should be there above the fold on your site. This would include all data elements as well as content that you need to display above the fold. This is important to consider since content and elements above the fold are instantly noticeable.
  • Consider your inventory and functionality. It is important to not forget the content and functionality that has worked well for your website.
  • Remove or smooth out the site elements that has or might cause friction at any point in the sales process.
  • Know your customers inside out. This would be beneficial for building a good user experience. Make your users feel a natural flow to move forward in your website. Give them a seamless experience.
  • Create a budget plan for your website redesign. This depends upon a lot of factors such as your goals, your products, etc. This is an important thing to consider because if you don’t make a proper budget plan, you might end up spending way too much on it than required.
  • Consider the standard that you want your customers to associate with your business and make sure to present the same standard on your site.
  • Your USP is the thing which could help you differentiate your brand from your competitors. With your USP, you can give your customers a reason to purchase a product from you. Highlight an interesting story or a unique aspect or goal of your business/product on your site.
  • Consider changing the branding rules. If your product is unique, position your marketing efforts around that. Find a trend or custom that exists in your customer base and try to put your branding and marketing efforts in the same direction. Have a unique brand vision and showcase it on your site. This could be a good way of earning some loyal customers.
  • Consider your visuals. In an online store, people mostly rely on images since they cannot feel the products and thus, visuals are everything. Online stores demand frequent changes like adding products, blocking the sold items, informing visitors about new deals and offers on particular products, etc. So, having a CMS that would enable you to update your web page content as and when you like becomes an essential feature in an e-commerce site.
  • Consider being transparent. You need to make sure things like contact info and the merchant’s policies, among other things are easy to find on your site. Incorporate transparency into your e-commerce site.

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