Popular Interface Design Trends To Follow In 2018

A user interface is like a joke. Not literally, though! And definitely not something that could be taken as a joke. Only in the sense that if you have to explain it, then it’s not that good.

Every new year, we can see certain interface design trends that go out of style, while some that add to the trending list. Want to know what interface design trends are going to be followed this year? Take a look:

Conversational UI– Chatbots and voice interaction interfaces have become quite popular now. After all, why wouldn’t they? Making use of chatbots is much more intuitive than navigating complex menus (for example, the dreaded hamburger menu which many people do not even recognize, let alone discover it in some corner of a website) and clicking a bunch of buttons in order to perform an action or interact with the site. With virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Ok Google, etc, voice interfaces have also gained immense popularity. They allow handsfree computing for everyday needs    without the need to rely on clicking or tapping buttons, or following keyboard commands. These interfaces are expected to become a popular interface that people will interact with.

Monochrome UI– These interfaces or layouts look stylish and at the same time, non-distractive, unlike interfaces that distract users with their blinding colors. Monochrome UIs have now made a considerable presence in websites. However, efforts need to be put such that they do not come across as monotonous and the core elements of interaction are instantly visible to users.

Contrasting fonts– Today, typography is much more than just a means of communicating with users. It plays an important role in the overall web design, thus making it essential to pay attention to the combination of fonts. This year we will see more of big and bold typefaces, custom fonts, handwritten fonts, watercolor typeface, and text overlays, among others. However, ensure readability and user-friendliness because you don’t want to appear as someone who is suffering terrible pain just to flaunt those sexy high heels, do you?

Minimalist design– You can never go wrong with simplicity. Because clarity and functionality of every element on a website is crucial for giving users a great experience, lots of negative space would more commonly be seen in websites this year. Further, elimination of non-functional decorative elements are expected to be eliminated from web designs since it is a user-friendly trend and gives a sophisticated and uncluttered look.

Using geometric elements– Geometric elements (shapes, patterns, lines and curves in both traditional and innovative combinations) got featured in many interfaces in the last year. This trend is only expected to grow more popular this year.

Vibrant color palettes– Color is one of the most powerful ways to express a mood or add a tinge of attractiveness. In web design, color is used to quickly add perceived message and mood to an interface as well as make it look enticing to users. Effective color combinations based on the knowledge of color theory and color psychology of users is a UI trend that is becoming extremely popular.

Video content– There’s a saying which goes like this: “If a picture paints a thousand words, a video does that tenfold.” Truly, videos can display products and services in a way that will keep the viewer interested in their story much more than any textual content could keep them. Visual storytelling can attract visitors’s attention right from the start.

Biometric authentications– We’ll see more use of biometrics in websites and apps for authentication and identity management purposes. They boost security for both end users as well as business and also overcomes the need for traditional login requirements with features like facial recognition, fingerprints, voice recognition, etc.

Typography integrated into images– Cutting or inscribing the title keyword or a headline or certain phrases into the visual elements on a web page can be spotted in a number of websites these days. This makes the typography feel united with everything in the interface and grabs the attention of the users to a great extent.

Personalization– With personalization, you can deliver the most relevant content and experiences to each individual user based on their preferences. Users like being treated to personalized content and stuff. Personalization is increasingly being used in user interfaces to give users individual experiences on interacting with their products and services since this is known to dramatically increase user engagement to a great extent. Professional web development companies of India are integrating personalization into websites and apps to give users a highly personalized experience and engage them better.

Brutalism is a UI trend that started rocketing last year and is expected to become even more popular this year. This trend breaks predictable design techniques and is based on simple and raw experience. It doesn’t contain many visual details.

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