Best Chatbot Development Platform for your Business

Chatbots are the new hot things which businesses are adopting at a rapid speed. Many tech giants like facebook and Telegram have been developing their own chatbots and chatbots platforms.

Chatbots are often designed to convincingly behave like a human would have behaved in a conversation. Chatbots are generally used as dialog systems for various business purposes including customer service or information gathering. Some chatbots use sophisticated natural language processing systems, but some simpler chatbots check the keywords within the input, then pull a reply from a database.

Benefits of Chatbots for your business-

1. Chatbots use real language –
Everyone knows that the language which we use in websites and mobile app development services is not same as we speak. It is based on the technological commands like “sign up”, “login”, “click”, “download” etc. But a chatbot can explain anything you want it to say. Moreover, such communication is more engaging and make people spend much more time for a normal chit chat a bit longer.

2. Better interaction with your clients –
The use of chatbots is growing fast. It solves the asymmetry of information flow. The conventional interface provides more information than it gets from the user. On the contrary, the chatbots only provide one information at a time and advance the communication based on the user input at each time. It is found that chatbots are the most successful tool to keep the customer on a given platform longer and getting a meaningful content by starting and maintaining the conversation.

3. Simpler interface –
Generally, chatbots are text-driven. It makes it easy to start a conversation. You just think about a messenger app in your mobile phone where you chat with someone of your friend and colleague. A chatbot is as simple as that and it also does not distract with some redundant features. These basic features are the core of a chatbot and it makes the chatbot technology destined for success.

4. Chatbot development is fast –
Developing a functional smart chatbot is much faster than creating a cross-platform app. There is a variety of chatbot templates available to you which are developed by Facebook, Microsoft, and other big IT giants. You just integrate the template with a chat messenger as per needs, add some features, and your bot is ready.

5. It is not expensive to build a chatbot –
After the development time aspect takes quite a little time, the expense related to building the chatbot is also quite low. Different chatbot platforms provide very simple and effective development with minimum expense and maximum benefit.

With a number of advancement tools and platforms being designed for the creation of chatbot. So if you are thinking about developing a chatbot assistant for your clients, then here are the top platforms available to you –

MEOKAY is quite popular and successful tool to develop a conversational chat bot for your business. It has simple easy to follow steps which developers as well as a non-technical person can understand. You can develop the conversational scenarios in within minutes and build advanced communication dialogues for a smooth and humanly conversation.

2. ChattyPeople –
ChattyPeople is considered the best platform for developing a chatbot on Facebook. You can create facebook message quickly and timely, no programming knowledge is required. The amateur entrepreneurs and smaller organizations can find it quite useful due to its sheer simplicity and the robust technology also makes it suitable for large enterprises. You can develop an answering chatbot for the customer service question and can integrate with your e-commerce website.
ChattyPeople is the point where e-commerce and artificial Intelligence meet. It is hundred percent free and easy to work on.

3. Beeb Boop-
If you are looking for a paid platform then Beeb Boop can be a decent option for you. It is a hosting platform which is designed for developers who are looking to developers apps for Facebook Messenger and Slack.
First, you would need to set up your program with the help of Github which is a version control repository and Internet hosting service. Then link your Beeb Boop platform with your Facebook Messenger and Slack applications. The developed bot will be able to chat with your customers in a real-time chatting and messaging.

4. Facebook Messenger Platform –
If you have ever visited the Facebook Messenger’s official page then you must know that you can start building your own bot there. It may be a little tricky in comparison to other development platform but facebook provides lots of resources in order to facilitate you accomplish your own professional chatbot.

5. Telegram Bot –
You can develop a chatbot from this messenger application itself. It can run in the application too. The Telegram has recently open-sourced their code, enabling third parties to develop as well as integrate their own bots. The developed bots can send app notifications, news reminders, and alerts. You can easily integrate the chat bot with other popular applications likes YouTube and Github.

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