10 cool Google Chrome tips to save your online time

If Google chrome is your favorite web browser and you spend most of your online time on Chrome and here are some tips which can save your time and do works in less time –

1. Pick your most used web page by pin –
By pinning the tabs that you use mostly in a day will save you a lot of time keeps you safe from opening the web pages again and again.
Just right click on the tab and select the Pin tab to minimize it to the left-hand side of your browser. But keep in mind that whenever you will close the tab this pinned tab will reopen when you will launch the browser next time. If you have pinned too many tabs then all of them will reopen again and if you do not want some tabs to be reopened then just unpin them from selecting the unpin option before closing your chrome browser.

2. Take the grab extension –
Some important software gives you the ability to use their extension on the chrome browser and lets you do perform some related tasks within the browser itself. It helps you to keep in touch with important software and increase your efficiency as well.
For example, if you use Microsoft OneNote then you can use its extension on chrome to grab the articles and later retrieve it. There is one extension of Skype which can send skype alerts on chrome browser. You can even search different useful extensions on chrome web store.

3. Google cloud print –
Google cloud print is one of the most useful but lesser known services of chrome browser. It is quite reliable and faster way to print the document without even opening the windows print menu.
The majority of the printer could be easily calibrated with Google cloud print and an extra feature is that you can save your documents on the Google Drive also. It gives you a great benefit to save your important documents.

4. Drag multiple tabs at once –
We always drag different tabs in our chrome browser but many people do not know that you can even drag more than one tab at a time and place them wherever your want. Just press the control button and then select the number of tabs you want to drag. If you are using Macbook then hold the command key.

5. Drag the URL to the chrome bookmarks –
If you come across an interesting and useful website which you want to save for future use then just highlight it and drag it to the bookmark option. It will be saved as a bookmarked URL. You can even rename it as per your convenience.

6. Open specific pages at start –
If you use the Internet to work on a specific website quite often then you can set up your chrome browser to open the same websites every time you start up.
Just go into the setting menu, then go to the option “On Startup” and click on the option to “Open a specific page or set of pages”. Just next to the option there is a “Set pages” link, which allows you to select your starting sites (You can select from your browsing history or recently closed tab also).

7. Secret pages in chrome –
Many people want to search more than just the traditional web, but there are a few dozen chrome web pages which can you can surf on your browser. Just type chrome:// into the Omnibox. Some of these websites could be found via a direct link too.There is a reason these pages are hidden from you because most of us will never use them and they are just useful for the coders and developers working in any web and mobile app development company.

8. Add links directly to your desktop –
There are different ways through which you can organize all your links to use them later. But one utility of which you may not be aware of is directly placing a link icon on your desktop. All you need to do is write the URL in the Omnibox and then highlight it. Now you can drag it and drop it on the desktop. Chrome will automatically a clickable option that you can use later.

9. Task Manager –
Your PC has a task manager, Yes we know it. But do you know that your chrome browser also has its very own task manager Here you can monitor the various processes running and how much resources the browser is diverting to each process?

When you will open the task manager, you will see all the plugins, extensions, and tabs that are currently in progress. You will also witness that how much of your browser’s resources are being consumed by them. In you want to close any process then highlight it and click the end button at the bottom of the window.

10. Cast your screen –
If you want to cast your browser screen on your Google TV then you can do it quite easily. Casting is embedded into the new updated version of Chrome. The most direct way is to right-click anywhere in the Chrome web page to prompt a pop-up cast window. You can even choose to cast a single tab or entire desktop.

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