About Blocdoc

National tele medical companies offer a Doctor who’s often located across the country whom patients might have never seen before and probably never will again. This situation sometimes creates a hesitation amongst the patients with sharing their personal health related information with the doctors located across the country. Furthermore, National services are often staffed by primary care physicians or advanced practitioners, i.e. a nurse practitioner, who lack the expertise that the specialists. A patient might have a problem with eye or a rash however national service might not have an ophthalmologist or a dermatologist available. Also, the patient do not have confidence that their doctor will be available to them if their condition changes and requires an office visit. The client was looking for a platform that can provide a solution to the above mentioned problems and can help connecting local patients and doctors easily.


The client was looking for a platform that allows the patients and doctors to sign-up easily. Due to the type of audience, the solution needed to have a very simple user interface that allows the patients to easily report their issues. Furthermore, the solution must meet stringent security requirements as it needs to deal with the patients’ information. Lastly, the solution needs to use location based services to easily connect the local patients and doctors.


E2logy team quickly understood the problems that the solution needs to resolve and came up with a mobile application. The application allows both the doctors and patients to sign-up easily on the platform with a few easy steps. It offers a way to patients in visiting a doctor without the hassles of getting to and from the office and having to wait in the waiting area. Many conditions can now be treated over a video-chat or by looking at photos. This combined with a good explanation of the history of patient’s medical condition allows the doctors to make a diagnosis and confidently treat the condition. The application uses location-based services to connect the patients and doctors in the neighbourhood only so that, a physical visit can be easily arranged in case needed.


The end result is a HIPAA compliant telemedical platform that is used by providers to evaluate, diagnose, and treat the conditions of patients in their vicinity. The platform facilitates a secure video chats and the exchange of photos to help doctors in diagnosing their patients easily. The platform consists of medical professionals from several specialities who have the expertise to properly evaluate and treat conditions telemedically. The beauty of telemedical platform is that it is staffed by local, familiar providers who are able to follow up with the patients in person, if necessary.

Industry: Medical
Project Type: Mobile Application