About Avenevv

The client, Avenevv, approached E2logy with a requirement to develop a software-driven marketplace. With the proposed platform, they wanted to provide a one-stop solution for event planners to discover unique event venues and manage venue bookings end-to-end. They wanted to place a strong emphasis on the B2B market and wanted to provide a tailored platform to corporate and professional MICE event planners with thoughtful details and business-friendly processes.


The primary challenge was to setup a solution that addresses the pain points of the MICE industry and to integrate the actual decision making process of the B2b event planning. The platform needed to incorporate all the various factors that affect the event planning decisions such as price, event theme, objectives, an event planner’s personality and their organisation workflow, the venue operations and so on.

The next challenge was introducing the concept of automating venue reservations to event planners who would always aspire to customise and add a personal touch.


The E2logy team promptly grabbed the challenge and architectured a solution by taking all the various aspects of the business challenges. The proposed portal Avenevv contains various modules like Events, Quotes, Bookings, Users etc. Also, it has administrator interface to manage everything.

There are main three types of user roles 1) Event Planner, 2) Venue Manager, 3) Platform Admin. Depending on their role, all type of users have different functionality.

Event planners can create events and can request for Quotation or request for Physical Visit for a particular space. Once Venue manager of space will receive request, he/she can generate a quote and send that to the Event planner. Based on acceptance of quote, the booking will be generated for space. Event planners can pay for booking by Stripe or other Avepay bank transfer.

Venue manager can pay commission to Platform by stripe or other avepay payment method for particular booking. Venue manager can issue invoice, credit note (in case of refund). After transaction Venue manager can issue receipt based on transaction.

Platform admin have access to manage all the different aspects of the platform from admin portal.


As a Result, Avenevv was created to provide a platform for venues to showcase their unique spaces for events and seamlessly manage bookings, payments and post-event feedback. The platform enabled event planners to discover, visualise and virtually experience new and exciting venues that suit their events’ needs.

Client Name: Avenevv
Industry: Event Services
Project Type: Web Portal
Technologies: PHP (Yii2 Framework)