Wait till June 2017 for Apple’s iOS 11 update

There is no doubt that Apple is the most trusted and loved brand. Everyone who is using an Apple product waits quite restlessly. Last OS update was in July 2016 and since then people are expecting that soon Apple will disclose more updates and products. One reason is that Apple had given a small teaser of iPhone 8 and it is enough for people to get excited.

However, based on previous years experience there are some most expected changed that we could see in June 2017 at Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference)-

1. Significant Siri updates-
Siri is the personal assistant and knowledge navigator of iOS which was launched five years back on October 4, 2011, and since then there are different updates time to time. In iOS 10 Apple added some important changes in Siri that it was made available on Mac too as a personal assistant.
Furthermore, Now Siri has also started supporting 3rd party applications. It means, now users can ask Siri to perform different tasks related to some non-apple applications. For ex, Now you can give a command like,” Send a message to George on Whatsapp that I would be late” or just say that “Tell Samantha that I will not come today on WeChat”. It was a major step from Apple as it is not known to go soft on non-apple services.

Now users expect more from Siri that it would be able to surf the files from Mac, and support other applications like Instagram, Snapchat etc. It will be not surprising if you could play games like Pokemon Go soon with the help of Siri.Now every iPhone app design company will develop apps and games by considering that they could be used by Siri too.

2. Enhanced Virtual Reality experience-
Virtual reality has gained quite prominence in past some years and every technology giant is putting their money in it. Apple too considers virtual reality as a serious option which could leverage their assets. There are different VR headsets which are roaming in the market and Google is leading the battle leaving Apple quite behind. There is no full-time VR service associated with iOS 10 and there is no hope that there will some changes by Apple regarding their VR services. But Google has announced that it planning to launch its Daydream VR headset along with Android N, so we could assume that Apple too has some interesting news to tell us in June 2017.

3. Better security for Apple pay-
Apple pay is the digital wallet of Apple available on different iPhones (iPhone 6, 6 plus, iPhone SE, and later 7 series). This service is also available on iPad pro, iPad air 2, and iPad Mini 3. Just like another mobile wallet, Apple pays too is quite vulnerable to external threats like hacking because hackers are known to hack PoS terminal. Although Apple does not store the credit/debit card information of the user on the retailer’s servers but saves in an encrypted format on the chip itself. However, people are expecting that Apple will bring some advanced security features for Apple Pay in WWDC.

4. Doze-mode in Apple devices-
If you are not aware of Doze-mode then it is a safety mode which Google has introduced with their Android M operating system which helps in saving the battery power when the phone is not being used or stationary, or the screen is off. In Android N it would be quite upgraded and sense that if the phone is not being used for very long then it will be activated.
Because battery life is considered one of the most important aspects of every smartphone so Apple has to focus on such helpful tools too because it has not come up with any phone more than 3000mAH.

5. Quick iPhone settings-
With iOS 10 update, Apple allowed its users to customize the control center to a large extent to make it more user-friendly and easier to make changes into iPhone with just some clicks. But still, Apple is not giving its users a full-hand over control center in iOS 10 as the user will always witness the Airplane mode first. It is a feature in which Google beats Apple because Google gives its users a free-hand in personalizing their mobile phones and they have full freedom in control center to make their desirable changes. in iOS 11, we could expect that Apple will go easier on this issue and some useful changes will be made available in the control center.

6. Enable replay within notifications-
Google has enabled its users to reply their answers within notifications without the need of opening the app. It saves the time and battery both. We all know that mobile phones are expected to ease the different tasks and make lives of its users easier. Although The Apple has allowed its users to reply their answers within the notifications but it is available only with iMessage. Now users are wishing more and believe that on June 2017 Apple will allow more apps like Whatsapp, WeChat and other apps under this category.

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