Visibility of Poorly Developed Android Apps would Reduce Soon

How incredibly flexible has the Google’s Play Store been for developers over the years!

It accepts the apps that are banned on other platforms like iPhone’s store and it is much more relaxed about examining new titles before they are made available to users. It has always been so much accessible to developers, who don’t have to face many hurdles to put their apps out there, which has often resulted in the quality of apps not being quite as good.

But recently, Google has announced that it would no longer ignore poorly made Android apps and their visibility would be reduced in the Play Store. We leave it to you to decide whether this is good news or a bad one.

Are you curious to know on what basis would it decide which apps are performing poorly?

Some measures that it would look at to decide how an app is performing include App not Responding (ANR) rates, crash rate, slow render, frozen frames, stuck wake locks, excessive wake-ups, etc. Titles that will fall into the bottom 25% would no longer be ignored. It will limit the promotability of apps that fail to meet its standards, which means that they would be less likely to appear in Play Store search results and promotions.

This could be a wake-up call for companies, big or small, that rely on unprofessional developers to develop their mobile apps, to seek the help of professional mobile app development services. This isn’t the only reason to do so, there is another strong reason to seek the help of good developers to develop good performance mobile apps for them, and that is, their customers. 86% of users have uninstalled apps after using them only once, due to poor performance (According to Nimbledroidblog).

A couple of months back, I installed this e-commerce app, which had an extremely confusing interface. I was able to locate the ‘contact us’ tab after minutes of frantically searching for it. It was buried somewhere under. That was it. That was the first and the last time I used it. You sure must have experienced the same with many apps. Surely, this is how important a user interface is.

Benefits That Good Performance Apps Render:

They offer simplicity to the end user in the form of a convenient user interface and easy navigation.

* They launch quickly for the first time and do not keep users waiting for long.
* They offer security by making the data confidential on a legal level.
* They give access to features and content in the offline mode to users.
* They have personalization options and flexible settings.
* They ensure good retention rates.
* Points to Remember To Ensure Success of Your Mobile App:

Make sure you are clear about the type of user interface that you want in your app and communicate that to your mobile app developer clearly. Obviously, it should be a simple one.

It should deliver high performance, which could be by verified by Quality Assurance by measuring factors such as app crash rates, API latency, end-to-end application latency, app load per period, network errors, retention rates etc.

Also, it should let the users access it in the offline mode as well i.e without the need of them being dependent on an internet connection 24*7.

Moreover, it should offer personalization and flexible settings which let the users make the app look and work the way they prefer.

An intuitive system of search and filters also matters. The filters to be put should be excellent and well thought of, for the targeted users.

It must have social media integration since the majority of users are on the popular social media platforms and they like to share stuff they like on those platforms.

Be sure to come up with regular updates with bug fixes and new features.Your app must contain means of mutual communication for ratings, reviews, recommendations, etc.

Ensure that the app is open to all users. It should include contact information and click-to-call because users wouldn’t prefer copying the contact number or noting it down in order to make a call. Make sure it doesn’t contain any broken links or incomplete information.

It shouldn’t be misleading i.e it should deliver what it promises.

In order for your app to deliver greater value than the other ones in the same category, it is wise to take a look at the other apps in your category and consider how you can provide a better user experience. Getting your app developed by a professional developer could save you from the horror of your customer leaving your app permanently because just one negative experience is needed for a user to end his relationship with your app. Indeed, first experience is the last experience for a mobile app as well.

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