See what are the latest updates in Apple iOS 10.3 beta 7

Apple is going to release its iOS 11 in June at its Annual Apple WWDC (Worldwide developers Conference). But it has released a new updated version of iOS 10.3 beta 7 with some significant changes and we can expect that these changes will pave the way for more updates which we will witness in June.

Apple recently launched a new iOS 10.3 beta 7 to testers and developers and if we believe the rumors then planning at least one more update of iOS 10 for the iPhone and iPad users.

How to get the iOS 10.3 update for your apple device-
If you want to try out the latest iOS 10.3 update then you must know that only the developers who are associated with mobile app development services will be able to download and install iOS 10.3 beta 7 and those who do not have developers account they can also get the access to Apple’s Beta Software Program. You will need an active Apple ID for it.
To download, you connect your Apple gadget with wi-fi and make sure that your iPhone or iPad is fully charged or at least has more than 90% of battery.
Now go to Settings>General> Software Update and just click on the “Download and Install” option and a new update will be seen.

You can downgrade from iOS 10.3 beta to iOS 10.2.1-
If the new changes are causing problems then you can easily drop down to a previous iOS 10 version easily. Apple is currently not signing off the iOS 10.2.1 so if you are not satisfied with the latest updates then you can downgrade to your iOS version.

But you cannot downgrade to any iOS version older than the 10.2.1 so you must be absolutely sure before going for an update of iOS 10.3 if you are using older versions of iOS 10 or iOS 9.

What are the significant updates-

1. Find my AirPods-
If you have spent a decent amount of money on Apple’s Airpods then the new iOS 10.3 update will save you from losing them.

Just sign in to your Find my iPhone app and you will see AirPods among the various devices associated with your Apple account. Now click on them to see their last known location of the Pods when they were last paired with your iPhone and you can ping them to make them ring. But do not try this option while you were wearing them as they will make a great noise

2. Siri will tell cricket scores-
For cricket fans now it will be easy to get the score of latest matches from IPL (Indian Premier League) and ICC (International Cricket Council).

3. Reduced motion preferences-
Apple’s web browser Safari will now support the reduced motion preferences for web apps.

4. Widget for podcast app-
If you are a fan of listening podcasts and has frequently used the podcast app of iPhone and iPad then now you will be able to enjoy a dedicated music app and same app design through a widget for a podcast app.

5. Apple ID profile-
Now there is a new profile section at the top of all the setting options in the settings menu. It will have all your account information.

You can easily access your iCloud, iTunes, App Store and Family Sharing information at a single place and scroll down to check all the apple devices linked to your accounts.
You will still need to log-in to the Find my iPhone app on your iPhone or the web browser to check them all, but at least it will save your time to go through the settings to access different account separately.

6. iCloud storage breakdown-
If you are among those persons who pay to Apple for extra storage on your iCloud, this new update will be very helpful for you. You can keep track of your usage on iCloud storage by clicking on the iCloud options in this new profile section. You just tap the graph at the top of the screen to get an idea what is the pattern of storage. It also gives you a program-specific breakdown of how many gigabytes of storage your applications is consuming.

Furthermore, if you have not activated the two-factor authentication on your account then you will see a ‘suggestion’ option right below your profile in the page of main settings. It is quite possible that apple may use that space to provide you some notification or suggestion regarding the betterment of your device’s performance. But for the present, the two-factor authentication is the only suggestion which is showing here.

7. Weather in Maps-
Apple’s maps have always been helpful in getting a glimpse of the place wherever you go. But now the latest update will add a small and tiny bug at the bottom right-hand corner of your apple device and show the current weather condition in that particular area. To get a detailed breakdown, just 3D touch the bug and you will get a seven-day weather report.

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