Do yo remember Nokia – It is coming back with Nokia 6

Nostalgia is a strange thing. It takes us back in our lives when things were different and little bit easy. Ten years back Nokia was the biggest mobile giant and there was a range of mobile phones available to the buyers. From a bulky Nokia 3310 to a beautiful N95 there was a Nokia phone available to you as per your need and for every pocket size. Nokia had so much appeal that it did not require to give a name to its models and only a number like 1100, 3310, 3315, 6600, and 7210 were enough to see a record-breaking sale.

At that time Apple was known for making desktop computers and was trying to make a mark in the music industry with the help of iPod.

Samsung was busy in manufacturing electronic home appliances and nobody was thinking that they could challenge the mighty Nokia brand in any way.

Then came the year 2007 and Steve Jobs introduced iPhone and ground started shaking for Nokia. Thereafter Samsung also jumped in the mobile war and introduced a series of smartphones with Google’s android OS. Apple was targeting high-end users with its iPhone and Samsung was targeting low-end users with lower prices smartphones. They had bigger screens, better Internet browsers, an impeccable user experience and a plethora of apps to download from their respective stores. Nokia mobiles had Symbian OS which was nowhere these two OS of apple and Samsung. Suddenly Nokia handsets which had a market share of 49.4% was slumping to a mere 3%.

Nokia’s Gamble :
Soon Nokia was a forgotten brand with old and bulky handsets with smaller screens. Nokia tried to make a comeback in the smartphone arena with Lumia phones which had Microsoft’s Windows platform but they were not that much successful for Nokia to remain a viable option for customers.
Many experts think that it was a gamble from Microsoft and Nokia both because they had no other partners than themselves and Windows OS was not as good as iOS and Android. It had limited numbers of mobile apps available and hardware specifications were not up to the mark.

Fall of Nokia :
Since 2008 Nokia was facing a downfall and all its moves were going in the wrong direction and it had become clear that Nokia was drowning rapidly.

2009: It was the first time in a decade when Nokia posted a quarterly loss of its profits. It was just after one year of the launch of HTC’s dream smartphone which was the very first android mobile.

2010: Nokia was continuously struggling behind Samsung and Apple in mobile phone market and to cope up with such hard situation, Nokia appointed Stephen Elope as its Chief Executive Officer.

2011: It was Stephen Elope who brought Microsoft to Nokia. He partnered with Microsoft and announced that now Nokia smartphones will have Windows Operating System and dropped the Symbian OS completely.

2012: Another low came for Nokia when Samsung surpassed Nokia as the largest mobile maker of the world. Later Nokia cut down its 10,000 employees to reduce the loss.

2013: Microsoft announced that it is going to acquire Nokia for 5.44 billion euros ($ 4.61 billions US dollars) in which Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop will come to the Microsoft too.

Revival of Nokia :
If you have heard the news then perhaps you are aware that Nokia in going to make a comeback in the smartphone market with its first Android smartphone in January 2017. Let’s see its basic specifications first-

Dimensions       :         154 x 75.8 x 8.4 mm
Size                    :         5.5 inches
Resolution         :         1080 x 1920 pixels
Screen                :         Corning Gorilla Glass 3
OS                     :         Android OS, v7.0 (Nougat)
Card Slot             :         Micro-sd, up to 256 GB
Internal                :         64 GB, 4 GB RAM
Camera                 :         Primary – 16 MP, Secondary – 8 MP.
Chipset                 :         Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430
Battery                 :          3000mAh

Nokia 6 will be available in only black color for now. It will have a 5.5-inch screen which is quite good for any smartphone. For android lovers, it would have the latest Android OS Nougat. Internal memory would be quite sizable with 64 GB and external memory could be extended up to 256 GB. A 4 GB RAM will support it to run smoothly.

The primary camera would be of 16 MP with 1080 * 1920 pixels, so we can expect that some great selfies would be taken from it. Overall it looks quite promising and Nokia has really taken care of all things which customer demand in the smartphone.

It will be available in the market through HMD Global, which is a Finnish organization who holds the rights to sell Nokia products.

It’s CEO Arto Nummela said that Since they have launched the HMD Global they want to move forward in the smartphone industry with a fast speed to make their mark. Nokia 6 is the result of listening to their customers who want a beautiful handset with durability, exceptional features, and impeccable entertainment.

HMD global is moving fast with its smartphone series and planning to launch four more products in 2017 itself.

Sadly, Nokia 6 would be available in China only and almost 1 million people have preordered it. It proves that Nokia is still a loved brand by its customers and perhaps they are feeling the nostalgia too.

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