9 Excellent Travel Apps to Make Your Trips More Enjoyable

Before packing your bags and signing off for a rejuvenating trip to a new country or town, you would surely want to have every information as well as your itinerary within your reach. And, some additional services that make your travel smooth and guides you through the new city would definitely add more fun. With smartphones, being our all-time companions, travel isn’t tough anymore, as even in an unknown place we can have all the information at out fingertip. There are plenty of apps which serve every aspect of our lives, and travel isn’t an excluded territory. Travel apps can be your best friends which help you in every way to enjoy the trip without worrying about different needs. Planning is the first and the most important step of a vacation and, thankfully, there are apps that take off the burden from your shoulder right from this very step. Whether it’s about booking tickets and lodging, staying organized during the travel or sightseeing at the destination, mobile apps can ease your job manifold.

Check out the list of 9 excellent travel apps that make trips more enjoyable:

TripCase is an excellent app for frequent travelers and businessmen who need to organize multiple flights, hotel reservations, rental car reservations and other requirements. You can also get the airport terminal and gate information through the app. Users can follow the itineraries of others and in this way your friends and family can remain updated about your travel plan even without your inputs. The app arranges your itinerary in chronological order and sends push notifications as reminders.

Using CityMaps2Go you can plan your route in advance by pinning key locations. The app also offers guides for prominent cities like Paris, London, New York, Berlin etc. It has offline maps, numerous points of interest, local tips from experts and subway maps too.

XE Currency
XE Currency is for currency conversion and is immensely popular among travelers. Since its launch, it has received over 20 million downloads. Its business oriented features like historic currency charts, rates of precious metals etc., are quite impressive. However, for a traveler it performs the most important function of converting every world currency. It also saves the last updated rates, and functions offline. This is useful if you are trying to save data or have arrived a place with limited connectivity.

ICE (In Case of Emergency)
The last thing anybody would want in a vacation is a medical emergency. But, isn’t it better to be prepared for such situations, especially if you have a pressing medical condition? This app stores the details of your medical condition, insurance information and your doctor’s contact details, all of which can be accessed even if the phone is locked. Another outstanding feature is that, the information stored can be translated in 10 different languages using the app.

The most tedious task after a trip with friends is to split the expenses.Splittr does the job for you by sharing costs among friends. While traveling, you can enter the expenses specifying who paid what amount and the rest of the job is done by the app. It supports all currencies and you can also mix different currencies while entering the data and the app will do the conversions and calculations for you. This feature is of great help for multi-destination trips.

Google Maps is usually the obvious choice while navigating through unknown routes but with Citymapper you can get more detailed information including cycle routes, Uber integration, disruption alerts and real time departures. It guides you in around 30 cities worldwide and also covers the obvious city-break destinations. This comprehensive and user friendly app is of great help in exploring new cities.

When in a new city, knowing some of the native language always helps. Duolingo is a great language learning app that helps you to communicate in different languages. Although it cannot replace the proper language tuition, it helps you to learn the basics, polishing your grammar and vocabulary. Using Duolingo is fun as it’s very much like a computer game that guides you through different levels. You need to complete a level before advancing to the next and can also gain experience points doing so.

LiveTrekker is like a digital journal of your travels. It maintains an interactive map so that you can look back on your trips. It tracks the places you visit and marks a red line along the map defining the exact route which you traveled. It is an excellent app for adventure travelers as it also monitors your altitude and speed. Users can also add video, audio, pictures and texts along the way and can share it as a multimedia travel diary.

Time Out
Time Out app gives you great ideas about things to do in cities all around the world. It covers events, restaurants, bars and many other attractions. Event finder feature of the app never disappoints and helps you find the most popular concerts or festivals happening around you. Restaurants and concert tickets can also be booked through the app.

Technology is making amazing moves to make every venture of life easier. Be it a business trip or a leisure vacation, these mobile apps design indeed make your experiences better and enjoyable. So, before you proceed towards the summons of a majestic mountain or a turquoise sea, don’t forget to download these travel apps that guarantee a journey worth cherishing.

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