8 Excellent Health Apps that Guide You Towards a Healthy Living

Health apps are revolutionizing the healthcare sector by increasing awareness among people as well as offering smart and efficient ways of tracking health issues. Not only health freaks but more and more people are relying on these apps to monitor their health and nutrition intake. Even the doctors are also including them in their practices by prescribing health apps to the patients for tracking various medical conditions. In fact, such apps are filling some gaps in the medical arena by taking some of the major responsibilities of the user’s well-being. These apps also act as a bridge between doctors and patients, allowing them to exchange information and stay in touch. Health apps offer a variety of services like some monitor the overall health, some track your workout routine while some focus on specific health issues or diseases and help to cope up with the same. Today, using health apps, equipped with innovative digital technologies, machine learning and cloud computing, one can take his healthcare into his own hands. However, with so many options available at the app stores, it is often hard to decide which are the most efficient ones.

To solve your dilemma, here’s a list of 8 revolutionary health apps that benefit people in remarkable ways:

MyFitnessPal is a great app that focuses on tracking calorie intake as well as workouts. The app features a huge crowd-sourced food database and other related statistics. Whether you want to watch your weight or be alert about what you eat, the app tracks all the vital numbers for you. You can also save your healthy recipes. Some of the features of the app like recipe suggestions and customer support are very satisfying.

Fitnet is especially for those who don’t get time to go to the gym. It provides you with a myriad of five and seven-minutes workouts, so that you can achieve your fitness goals without even sacrificing family or friends time. The app also uses your phone’s camera to measure how closely you are following the moves shown by the app.

Diabetic patients need to be constantly alert about their food intake to monitor how it is affecting the blood glucose levels. Keeping mental notes can be quite difficult whereas you may not always have a pen and paper to jot down what you are eating. MySugr is an excellent app that tracks the food intake and guides the diabetic patients to stay healthy. If you are confused about feeling healthy some days and crummy on others, this app determines which food your body requires and which you must avoid to be fit and fine.

Ever thought of consulting a therapist from the comfort of your home? Talkspace is a great app that provides you with such luxury for a very low fee. Using this app, you can chat with a trained professional as per your need. It offers services to individuals as well as couples and the best part is that you can skip driving to the clinic and waiting there for your turn to be attended.

If you are worried about a pressing medical condition like rashes or anything else, instead of searching about it in Google, you can just use HealthTap to know what’s exactly going on. Your query, put in the app, is sent to a network of doctors and you can have it answered within a few hours. It also features a library of information regarding common ailments, helping you to spot the symptoms better and find the best remedy. You can also opt for primary membership which allows you to have unlimited text and video chatting with health practitioners.

Start lends a helping hand to the patients suffering from depression. Finding the right and suitable medicine for depression patients may take months during which the condition might get even more alarming and distressing. Start app makes the whole process easier by running depression test and programs for tracking your progress. It also monitors the side effects of your medicine and lets you share the information with the doctor treating you.

Lifesum can be your great companion that takes care of your overall health. It has an all-encompassing approach to tackle your health issues. It finds recipes that suits your health and also alerts you about your water intake and movement. It can also be used as your weight loss guide as it tracks your progress and provides you with a detailed chart of your activities. There is a lot more that you can explore in this app.

Google Fit
Google Fit is an exceptional health app that tracks your statistics while you are running, walking, riding or doing any challenging task like push-ups or sit-ups. An interesting feature of the app is that it gathers data from different sources or supporting apps and stores them in one place to give you a better understanding of your health regime. The app also gives you an average of the data collected through different devices, as even in the same journey different devices give different figures.

Health apps have been very popular in recent times and different app development companies are focusing on how to provide an advanced and better tool to the tech savvy population that guides them towards healthy living. Technology is evolving at a great pace and so are the web and mobile apps, making a positive impact on every aspect of human life.

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