5 Motivational Apps for Your New Year Resolutions

So it’s that time again when we bid adieu to a year and look forward to start a new one afresh. And again the new year resolutions that may or may not last more than a few days. Thankfully, with technology it is easier now to stick to your resolutions and make the coming year a better one. Be it making a new habit or quitting an old one, with a few mobile apps you surely can get that extra motivation you need to stay on course. Here are five New Year resolutions people normally make and the mobile apps they would find helpful in achieving their endeavors.


Quit a bad habit

Be it smoking, drinking or some other bad habits that is troubling you. The free “Quit That!” app will help you to quit it. Though available only for iOS users, it lets users put a price on how much the habits they are quitting costs per day. This would add up to some major savings and would help you lead a healthy lifestyle.


Build a new habit

How about starting going for an early morning walk, hitting the gym, or just a tiny task of smiling more and staying happy. “Lift” a free iOS and Android app keeps you motivated enough to form a new positive habit.  It lets you track your progress, get community support and celebrate your success. It also offers in app coaching starting at $15.


Learn a new language

If learning a new language has been your wish for a long time, this  is the best time.  “Doulingo” and “Babbel” are two great apps for learning a variety of languages. “Babbel” is available across iOS and Android while “Duolingo” is available for iOS, Android and Windows users as well. Learning a language is as simple as downloading the app. So, whenever you get some free time, just go for a short lesson and you would see that you have started learning the language sooner than you expected.

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Have better nutrition

Health is wealth. To keep you healthy you need proper nutrition. And yes, there is an app for this as well. “Fooducate” helps make better choices about the food you put in.  Available for free on iOS and Android, it comes with a tracking feature to keep an eye on your nutrition and exercise. It also lets you scan a product barcode to get nutritional info along with suitable and healthy alternatives.

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Get a new job

Be it salary, your boss, work culture or just grabbing a new opportunity. If you have a reason to look for a change of job, “Indeed” is the right app for you. An iOS and Android based app, it provides access to millions of jobs. It picks up jobs from other job portals and gives you the option to search jobs based on filters such as location, salary etc.


So, if you have any of these new year resolutions in mind, pick up your phone and download the app to have a great year ahead. Wishing you a happy new year.

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