Why are Enterprise Applications So Handy for Better Management

At some point in time, almost all enterprises, big or small, have struggled with the problem of managing themselves in a better manner. Haven’t you?

Surely the time has gone when enterprises just settled with whatever little management they could maintain, after the onset of Enterprise Applications.

Enterprise Application (EA), true to its name, is a large software system platform designed to operate in a corporate environment. It consists of a group of programs with shared business applications and organizational modeling utilities.

Enterprise Applications software provide management of extreme amount of data along with complicated data relations. They have a specific business domain and offer distribution systems and integration with other systems. They also offer multiple interfaces for user groups.

Some examples of enterprise applications which are currently being used by many enterprises are automated billing systems, payment processing, email marketing systems, content management, call center and customer support, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, business Continuity planning, HR management, Enterprise Applications Integration, messaging and collaboration systems, health information management systems, and business process management among other things.

For this, there are many enterprise application development companies like E2logy that provide Enterprise Applications in the form of Enterprise Mobile Applications, Enterprise Web Applications, Enterprise Analytics, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Integration, Enterprise Application Management, and Enterprise Security to many big and small organizations that require better management of their resources and work.

Let us take a look at how enterprise applications integration can benefit organizations and what problems they solve.

Smooth Information Sharing- The flow of information and communication is simplified within the organization. It creates a single point of access to updated data for all the employees.

Process Automation- EA automates the complex business processes by making use of multiple software applications, which figures out what action is to be taken on the data.

Simplified IT processes- Not everyone is tech-savvy in a company and many times they have troubles managing the IT structure. In comparatively bigger enterprises, managers find it difficult to handle the IT structure of the organization. Enterprise Application Integration can help aid in overcoming these barriers and simplify the business processes.

Increased Agility- With enterprise applications integration, smooth communication is made possible, time on effort is reduced, complex processes are automated, better control is offered, shifts in the market are addressed, all functions of the organization are improved, all of which increases the efficiency of the organization.

Great Customer Support- An enterprise application in the form of an internal support app can alert the appropriate department or team to take quick action on the ticket raised by a customer and quickly resolve the issue being faced.

Employee Satisfaction- Enterprise applications integration enables employees to have access to important data, company news, updates at anytime, anywhere. They can conveniently interact with the Human Resources Department for any related issues, allowing them time-saving. All this results in greater employee satisfaction.

Convenience to HRD – To request for leaves, health claims or policies, every employee needs to interact with the Human Resources Department. An enterprise application in the form of a mobile app can allow the HR teams to provide this information quickly and easily, also allowing the employees to access it from anywhere.

Time Saving- Along with providing better management, enterprise application saves a lot of time. For instance, sales cycle can delay due to the long approval cycles, since they need to be given by a particular person from a particular machine. Secured apps can provide employees to provide approvals from anywhere, anytime. Time is also reduced since they make the processes simplified and automated.

Keeping all employees updated – Not everyone gets the time to go through the newsletters on a daily basis and many times, a mail or two can get missed. An enterprise application in the form of a broadcast app can solve this problem by keeping all the employees updated about the happening in the company by displaying the announcements and news.

Access to resource library – In order to keep the employees aware of the latest products and services, every company has tons of documents, presentations, best practices, white papers, case studies etc. But not all employees are always aware of those or can make use of them. An EA in the form of a resource library can give the employees ready access to it and could be easily searched.

While looking at these benefits that Enterprise Applications offer to organizations, it would be wise for organizations to get such apps designed and developed considering their needs and according to their current workflows.

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