10 Best Web Design Tools for Creating Eye-Catching User Interface

Web designing is the art of blending style and functionality in perfect proportion to create a great user interface. There is a wide range of web design tools available in the market, equipped with amazing features that lets you turn your imagination into reality. Some of the simple ones help you to create a rough design and style guide for a project whereas other more sophisticated ones let you add interactive features, animations and other interesting elements. Web designing has become a lot easier with these tools that saves time as well as boost quality and innovation. Depending on your requirements, you need to select the appropriate tool, having collaborative features, to simplify and speed up your project.

Here is a list of 10 best web design tools that you can choose to attain perfection.


Avocode is an excellent tool that bridges the gap between developers and designers. You can easily export Photoshop and Sketch designs into Avocode, keeping all the layers and elements intact. The tool is collaborative in nature, as all of the task occurs in a central location and you are not required to search through the inbox whenever a new revision is added. It also offers an easy tutorial to help you get started. It is very flexible and works well on multiple operating systems.


Pixate allows you to make interactive and intuitive prototypes for Android and iOS. It has a drag and drop animation and interaction panel. The tool helps to make mobile-first website prototypes and realistic mobile apps, without any code. By connecting Android or iOS device, designs can be created and previewed on the smartphones. Mobile demos created using Pixate are completely native in nature.

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Atomic is another web design tool, using which you can create designs in browsers, on Macs as well as PCs. Post designing, you can share the designs on multiple devices for viewing. Thus, it helps you to give your developer an idea of what you want to be created. You can also show mock-ups to the clients for their approval. You can either import designs from Photoshop or Sketch or can directly start from a blank canvas.


Since its launch in 2009, Sketch has garnered a huge popularity. The latest version of the tool includes some excellent features like simplified vector modes, improved exporting and many more. CSS logic has also been incorporated in the app which makes the conversion of designs into CSS easy. Automatic Slicing speeds up the process of design/development crossover.


Marvel is a design, prototyping and collaborative tool that doesn’t require any coding. While working on prototypes, timers can be used to manage transitions between slides or pages. Mock-ups can be viewed on a range of devices. The website offers a library of demo prototypes providing a better idea of what the tool can do.


Using Form, you can create prototypes for multiple devices and add all the essential effects, animation and interactive, to give your client an idea about what you are going to offer. Several demos and prototypes are available in its website to provide inspiration. This app designing and prototyping tool lets you create designs that are very close to what you get in production.


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Macaw is known to be code-savvy and is a great tool for web design, if you are yet to learn coding. The user interface bears similarity with Photoshop and lets you create prototypes, wireframes and mock-ups easily. The tool can create fully responsive designs allowing easy addition of custom breakpoints. You can also test your layout in different devices.


The Facebook team has created this web design tool and has, reportedly, used it to design some of their renowned products like Messenger and Instagram. It is available only for Mac and iOS. This free prototyping and wireframing tool has Sketch integration and greatly speeds up the process of web designing.


UXPin is a comprehensive designing tool that lets you to start from planning stage and reach up to collecting feedback from clients and beyond. You can either start from scratch or select from a number of prebuilt templates. UXPin library of elements allows you to add popular features to the prototypes. With this tool you can create basic wireframes and convert them into high-fidelity mockups.


Webflow is equipped with features for creating attractive designs easily, which otherwise requires a lot of effort. You can design production ready websites, without any coding. It follows a simplistic approach of prototyping and wireframing through drag and drop design elements. It is also considered to be part-CMS and offers various free and premium templates for building prototypes.

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