Why Cyber Security Is Essential For Mobile Apps Too

Smartphones are quite vulnerable if we talk about cyber security threats. The business managers are constantly wrestling with the challenges such as protection of data, securing the business networks, and mobile application data.
Here are following facts regarding mobile apps safety –

1. It was a single flaw called “Quadrooter” which left more than 900 million android devices vulnerable to external threats. But Google patched the flaw after the code was published online.

2. When PokemonGo became quite popular many people downloaded it from unauthorized websites. It exposed a great number of devices to malware attacks.

3. Some researchers from Binghamton University have found that the wearable devices can easily provide the PIN and passwords through an algorithm with an accuracy of more than 90% in the third attempt.

The list of probable threats is endless. There are Trojans, Malware, Spyware, Hackers, eavesdroppers, and thieves. Although it has been more than a decade that smartphones have gone backstream but the threats have not lessened but in fact, they have grown worse.

Just making the security changes in your mobile device is not sufficient but you must use some apps which further increase that how well your device is protected from external threats. Some of the best mobile security apps are listed here –

1. 360 mobile security –

If you witness any sign of malware infection you must install the app. The 360 mobile security provides the cleanest and most pleasant mobile experiences. The single downside of this app is that it is an all-in-one app and some of its features are unnecessary. But the security features in it are of a top level and it is the best reason to use this app.

2. Avast Mobile Security –

Avast has been the best antivirus app for android device. It’s all-in-one features saves your device from such threats which you even know that even existed.
It has several features like real-time malware blocking, cleaning Trojan, manual malware scanning, phishing protection, and it is available in more than 20 languages.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security –

Kaspersky has made a niche in Internet Security and there is no issue of trust with it. Its malware and spyware protection is so good that it is frequently listed among the top security apps for Android smartphones.
Its subscription model costs $15 dollars a year to the user but you can also get an unlimited free version of it. The subscription model provides some essential security features like phishing protection and call blocking.

4. Linphone –

Do you use your smartphone for the VOIP and you are thinking about the privacy, then you must consider Linphone as a serious contender because it makes sure to make the best way for calls both audio and video. The communication is secured at both ends.
The Linphone can also send the text, images, and files using the same level of security.

5. Telegram –

If your primary concern is security and privacy of your messages, then you should choose Telegram right at the moment. It is quite similar to the WhatsApp but has quite better features.
The telegram chat messages are stored in the cloud, so they may be sync across all your devices. The best thing is that it is not a one-to-one communication but it supports a group chat of more than 5,000 users.
All the messages are encrypted and you can apply a self-destruct timer, all while being extremely fast and easy to use.

6. SafeTrek –

Smartphones have given us the advantage of carrying it everywhere you go and contact somebody in case you are in some kind of emergency. The Safetrek app gives you an extension in security by turning your mobile into a personal safety device.
If you are feeling unsafe at a stranger place, just hold down the SafeTrek button on the screen, when you will let it go, it will ask to enter a PIN – if you do not, then it will immediately alert the local police send them your GPS location.
It is really a must have application for your mobile phone.

7. Prey –

A lost phone can be more dangerous than a malware. As soon as someone picks up your phone, he has all the private and confidential information about you.
One important thing to lock the certain apps with a PIN but at last you will like to get your device back, makes it possible to send the alert the messages, or even wipe out the device remotely.

8. Cerberus –

Cerberus is one of the anti-theft security apps for Android. Unfortunately, there is not a free version of this app. But it has some advanced features like backing up the data and remote access. Most importantly it comes in two version – the first one is known as a standard version and second is a disguised version known as System Framework so that the thieves will not understand that the Cerberus is installed on your system.

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