The Future of Modern Business lies within Software as a Service

Software as a Service was introduced in 2006 and since then it has cemented its place as the best service delivery model.

Similar to the large hand-held mobile devices which were transformed into smooth and much efficient smartphones the SaaS technology has also covered a great journey and given some long lasting results also.

In the year 2016, only the Software as a Service cloud technology grew with 16.5% reaching up to a total of $204 billion dollars. It was way more than $175 billion in 2015. It shows that the growth of SaaS technology is speeding and we are going to see some major advancement is this particular area. Here are some most probable predictions which we are going to see in the future of SaaS-

1. Vertical and Horizontal SaaS-
a. Vertical SaaS – Vertical Saas is the customized software which is developed solely for the specific needs of a business. You can think about healthcare, finance, education, retail, real estate and different businesses and their specific needs. These businesses are adopting various SaaS technologies for their businesses.
b. Horizontal SaaS – Horizontal SaaS are such software which is divided into different categories and could be used by various businesses depending on their needs.

2. Maximum focus of User Experience –

A user experience is not important on the website or mobile app but the SaaS tools should also have a superior user experience as it can provide a decisive competitive advantage and can be proved a critical factor in the success of SaaS businesses.

The User experience is not limited to making the UI attractive it encompasses all the major aspects of the end user’s interaction with a company, its processes, and products.

Furthermore, today most of the buying decisions are done by the actual users of the software (Chartered Accountants need a financial tool software). So when the buyer is the actual user the user experience becomes major criteria for any tool.

3. Security of APIs –

It is a fact that many companies are looking to migrate their entire IT system on the Cloud software and platform services. But many companies only want to incorporate some cloud software into their IT ecosystem which can work in a harmony withing existing infrastructure to make it better.

A client looking for the security of APIs has some questions in his mind before going for a cloud support service
a. At what capacity the cloud provider can integrate the SaaS tools into the existing technology solutions withing your organization?
b. Can the existing system integrate with an external cloud environment without any probable loss of fault?
c. Can the cloud provider guarantee the safety of data during the integration process?

4. Mobile SaaS –

Some years ago, it was quite tricky for mobile-based businesses to compete in broader areas such as customer service, consulting, and marketing. But with the emergence of smartphones things have started improving with the help of several messaging apps making a mobile-focused business environment. It has opened the path for mobile based SaaS services and in the future, we will witness some more advancement in it.

5. SaaS will become much more competitive –

It was never that much easy and efficient to build a product and initiate its use. You can get the first hundred of your customer quite easily by just blogging, outbound sales process and direct marketing. The major cloud service providers like Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure are greatly helping to reduce the cost of a startup. It is quite easy to integrate your IT ecosystem with SaaS tools and lead the business to profitability.

6.Data security will be much harder –

To reduce the on-site IT infrastructure many organizations have allowed their employees to bring their own devices at work. Approximately 67% of employees already use their computer device at the workplace. It makes them eligible to access both professional and personal data at the workplace.

Now it is challenging to keep track of accessed data. This trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is increasingly leading to data security issues. The SaaS based applications can help in this issue by providing the market with different security applications designed to protect an organization’s internal work and data. The SaaS applications can easily elevate the level of security within an organization supporting your security protocols.

7. Multiple applications, more confusion –

There are millions of app available at different app stores. Different APIs and development platforms are used to develop the website and mobile apps. Here question arises that if a company chooses a number of applications to put on a cloud then could they be collaborated successfully and share the data.

The SaaS trend which is going stronger in SaaS technology is putting together same but competitive applications. This type of integration is quite important to ensure the collaborative work across different departments of or organization without the fear of data theft, data lapse and failure of communication.

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