E2logy Attends AWS Summit 2016, New York

E2logy attended the AWS summit 2016 at New York, held on August 11th, that focused on detailed revelations and insights about the technical offerings by Amazon Web Services. The public cloud company has continually expanded its services, reaching far ahead in the IaaS space competition. Continuing this pattern, it announced several new offerings at its New York Summit on Thursday, along with showcasing the growth highlights of the company over the last ten years. AWS Chief Technology Officer Dr. Werner Vogels revealed that the purpose of the summit was to educate the customers and provide them with an opportunity to discuss and learn more about the services of AWS.

Vogels highlighted their growing engagement in enterprise and public sectors, in addition to startups. Amazon Web Services has introduced several new additions for serving the dev and test crowd on the container and microservices front. It also announced a drop of cost of EBS snapshots by 47% and addition of 66% more IOPs per GB, along with the introduction of a new load balancing tool for applications. More details were revealed regarding the forthcoming availability zones that would aim to ensure that the users can provide more local access to their teams and end users. Another announcement made by the company was about the addition of new controls to its API Gateway service, which can be used by the companies to expose APIs (application programming interfaces) for online services, and other developers can integrate them into their applications.

One of the most striking revelations was the enterprise growth for AWS which is driven by developers and new access to tools within the Amazon cloud. Vogels mentioned that several companies, including GE and the media giant Conde Nast are moving to the Amazon cloud, shutting down their own datacenters. Using cloud, the products can be tested at any desired level of fidelity, which implies faster launch of products in the markets as the developers don’t have to wait for resources. Vogel added “Some customers are saving 75% of test and development costs simply by having the ability to power down resources when they’re done for the day. It’s now about the applications, not the infrastructure.” Other new features announced at the summit include Amazon Kinesis Analytics, AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Update and Snowball Updates.

At the AWS Summit New York, Vogels also discussed DevOps matters, especially for startups. Speakers from smaller organizations spoke about how microservices and container management options are powering the scale and speed of their offerings. While working with these startups, AWS learns much and strengthens the idea that these small companies teach big ones how to manage with lower costs and near limitless scale. E2logy is an AWS consulting partner and offers setup, migration, support and maintenance services for Amazon Web Services.

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